Thursday, October 29, 2009

:Thursday Challenge - "Cloths"

"CLOTHS" (Colorful, Unusually, Fashionable, Komonos, Sari, Suits,...)

This is my entry for this week's theme 'Cloth'. These are Josh' schoolmates in St. Audry Learning Center wearing Philippine Kimona and Saya (skirt) on their dance carrying different tropical fruits. This dance is one of the many featured participation of each class in celebration for the yearly 'Linggo ng Wika' (Week of Filipino Language) where Philippine traditions, costume or cloths, dances and literature were presented. Don't they look pretty!

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Greatest Gift on Christmas

With the ending of this month it’s now less than two months before the holiday season and as early as now people are starting to prepare their gift list and for those who have enough money they also started on buying gifts. It’s easier to shop early than to rush on December where shopping really gets annoying sometimes as people seems to come from everywhere. I must remind myself not to do it on the last days before the season as it will surely give me headache.

Despite of the storm that hit the country you can see people starting to crowd malls, there’s no stopping even if the country has suffered a lot in its economy. Life must go on so after the storm there goes sunshine. Now you can smell the air of Christmas in our environment, weather starts to cool down, lights suddenly surrounded trees, shops and houses, children are thinking of what they will ask for a gift and people are planning what to do during holiday seasons.

Preparations are different for each families but one thing is the same they want their loved ones to feel special and very much loved so they also started to make or buy Christmas cards and send them out early to avoid delay on holidays. Even if we have emails and we can send text messages to our loved ones it’s still sentimental and sweet to receive christmas cards because it feels very personal. Now for the busy people you can order these cards online at which provides classic types and personalized cards which you can add some personal touches. They even have recycled Christmas cards which is a very good idea for me as purchasing this card will also help preserve our environment.

In view of all this festive preparation for Christmas just always remember that the greatest gift you can give to your loved ones is your love. Material things just follow our thoughts of showing our love but the sweetest things are caring and loving. Thus the true spirit of Christmas is love.


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