Friday, July 8, 2016

How to Save Big Money When You Update Your Bathroom

Your bathtub or shower is an integral part of your home. Calling it an essential fixture for maintaining your wellness would not be overstating its importance. A shower wakes you up for the day. A bath relaxes you so that you can enjoy a good night's rest. A dingy fiberglass shell or grungy tile, however, will kill your sense of renewal and the perception of cleanliness. Remodeling your bathroom will solve that problem, but, if you lack a big budget, you'll have to look for alternatives.

Focus on the Tub

Your shower enclosure or bathtub wears down faster than other fixtures in your bath because of repeated and prolonged use. Even if you don't change anything else, a fresh bathtub will spruce up the space considerably. The most affordable way to get a tub that looks like new is have the finish restored.

With bathtub reglazing Atlanta homeowners can gain rapid results. Specialty companies focus on this service that will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

What is the Process?

A reglazing contractor will strip away caulk and thoroughly clean every surface. An acid etching and wet sanding process will prepare a porcelain surface to receive a new finish. Then a primer coat and finish color will be applied. Other materials, such as fiberglass and tile, can be renewed with similar approaches.

Benefits of Reglazing

The speed with which a new surface can be achieved will be attractive to you. Instead of having your bathroom torn apart and out of service for a week or more, a reglazing job can be done in 48 hours. With this service, you'll also get to skip the hard work of demolition and disposal of old fixtures. Your monetary savings will continue to mount because you're not buying a new tub or altering any of the plumbing.

The final finish will be durable as well. A 15-year lifespan is a reasonable expectation. Perhaps the best part is your choice of colors. You'll get to ditch out-of-date colors like mauve or avocado green and get a tub in a modern color. Instead of seeing a messy old tub every day, your newly finished tub will improve your mood.


Things to Ask a Doctor

Have you just moved to a new town? If this is the case, you will need to find a new doctor for yourself. This is not something you should put off because you never know when you will get sick. However, it would be a mistake to simply go to the doctor who has the closest office to your house. You should not choose a doctor because of his or her proximity to your home. You should make this important decision based on the quality of care that the doctor is going to give you. Here are a few of the most essential questions that you will need to ask the doctors in your area to help you decide which one to visit for treatment when you are sick.

1. Where did you get your medical degree?

It is surprising how many people do absolutely no research whatsoever into the credentials of the doctor that is treating them or their family. This is something that you need to do because some doctors are much better than others. One of the first things you will need to do is find out where he or she attended medical school. It should be a red flag if the doctor attended medical school in places like Mexico or the Bahamas. This usually means that he or she was not a good enough student to get into a medical school in the United States. Make sure that the doctors in The Woodlands TX that you speak to have degrees from accredited medical schools.

2. How long has the doctor been practicing medicine?

There is no substitute for experience in the medical profession. You need to be sure that the doctor who is treating you knows what he or she is doing. One of the best ways to determine this is to find out how long the person has been a doctor. You should not entrust your care to a doctor who has less than five years of experience practicing medicine.

3. Has your licensed ever been suspended?

You should also inquire about any possible disciplinary action that the doctor might have been subjected to during his or her career. You will need to discover if the doctors you speak to have had their medical licenses suspended in the past. You will also need to find out why this action was taken.


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Fight the Signs of Aging With Vitamin C

Did you know that one of the most powerful anti-aging ingredients is also a vitamin you've been consuming for years? It's true! Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, does more than just raise your immune system and help to protect you against the common cold and other viruses. It also helps to protect your skin against all the visible signs of aging, both by stimulating collagen production and by protecting against the damage done by the sun. Add this important vitamin to your diet and skin care regimen today and see results soon.

First of all, add more vitamin C to your diet to get this important nutrient into your body. You can find high levels of vitamin C in all sorts of delicious fruits and vegetables. This includes oranges, kiwis, broccoli, onions, and strawberries. Although this is not the most efficient way to get the vitamin to your skin, it also has other positive effects on your body. Vitamin C promotes overall health and wellness as well as helping to prevent the signs of aging. You can expect to see the results of changing your diet in just a week or so.

Next, try adding vitamin C directly to your skin, try adding a vitamin C cream or serum to your facial routine. Look for a cream or serum in a opaque container, because the ingredients will start to decay when they react with light. Put on the vitamin C directly onto your skin, underneath your moisturizer, so it can make contact with your skin cells. This will help you get faster results from your treatment. Vitamin C works to stimulate collagen production, which makes skin softer, smoother, and less wrinkly. It also fights hyperpigmentation, known as age spots, and all other damage done by the sun.

If you'd like even faster results, talk to a skin care professional in your area. Speak to a dermatologist about intensive vitamin C products for your skin. For more serious cases, consider specialists in plastic surgery Raleigh NC like Cary Plastic Surgery who can evaluate your skin care needs. Some individuals, especially those in sunny places like North Carolina, need more help than an over-the-counter products can provide.

Vitamin C is truly a powerful ingredient. Fight the visible signs of aging by using it today. It really works, whether though diet, topical creams, or professional services.


Friday, July 1, 2016

Laminated Flooring

We’re glad to see that we had our flooring replaced with new vinyl tiles. We opt to use vinyl instead of tiles because we’re afraid that it will be too slippery for Mom. Since we’ve chosen a real tile-like design everyone would think twice if it’s a vinyl or not. Well it’s not only on the kind of tile or floor material you chose that matters but on the quality on how you install the tiles as well.

We’ve made sure that the worker we’ve hired would carefully install it to look like a continuous flooring because it’s perfectly joined together like what I saw last week which made my eyes contented. They used alloc laminate flooring which uses mechanized locking systems and claimed to last for a long time with its feature of resist wear, moisture, fade, moisture and others. Anyway since our flooring is new it’s still as beautiful as the real cement flooring. Hope our own will last also.


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