Monday, February 17, 2014

Preparing for the Prom Night

I’ve been so busy lately with my daughters’ JS prom at the end of this month. We’ve been searching for their prom dresses for weeks now but still they can’t find what they want. They already have a gown from their Auntie but they’re having second thoughts on the color because they prefer lighter ones. The purple and pink gown is beautiful but Gen is not as comfortable with it as it’s too dark and grand for her. 

On the other hand Ruth is very choosy as at first she really wants her own-designed gown for the night. I told them that we’ll just rent a gown so they will have variety of gowns to choose from and it will be more practical than having a custom-made gown. The school practices every other year JS prom where a student will only have one prom in their high school so my two daughters will be together in this year’s prom as Gen is junior and Ruth is senior. 

I’m just hoping that next week we’ll be able to look for the right prom dress for them neither too grand nor sexy but nice enough for young ladies. I don’t want a gown that will make them look very young or matured. I want them to look just about their age and simply pretty. Anyway they’re having in Glass Garden and we’re going to watch closely in the backgrounds or camp in the vicinity of the garden to ensure our girls’ safety. 

I’m certain it will be fun and exciting for them with beautiful waltz and old-time music. I don’t know if they have complete musical instruments there or the likes of legere signature clarinet reeds at WWBW but I’m pretty sure they will have sweet memories of their prom night. After all they will only be passing through this period once and when they grow old they will just reminisce their memorable moments and smile at how they used to love their high school days. Music will add in the memories and recap the beauty of the night.


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