Monday, February 3, 2014

Home and Instruments Upkeep

I would love to have some improvement in the house this summer if not a complete renovation because the house is really showing signs of old age. The house is still as sturdy as it was when it comes to walls, flooring and foundation posts because it’s made of stone but the wooden part of the house is showing decay because of several years of service to us. It’s also exposed to some house bugs like termites, molds and other elements that can weaken the house and its components. 

It’s just the same with musical instruments and accessories as they also need to be checked for signs of trouble and parts should be replaced when it’s not anymore functional like what ecc83 can do to little ART Mike Pre-amp. It applies to guitar, piano, drum sets and any other instrument that we commonly see around. When my husband and his college mates went to a famous electronics store they look for the electronic parts that would restore their musical instrument in school. So home and instruments has a lot of common things when it comes to maintenance and following some of the rules won’t hurt a bit.


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