Friday, September 18, 2009

Mommy Moments - Treasured Pictures

mommy moments

This week's theme is Treasured Pictures so I'm posting here treasured pictures of my daughters together. I just love them seeing together, Ruth grew up very fast but when they're toddlers they were mistaken as twins (not identical though).

Gen was 4 and Ruth was 5
Ruth was 6 and Gen was 5 hereRuth was 10 and Gen was 9
Time flies so fast. Now Ruth has just turned 12 and Gen is going to be 11 soon. In few years time they will be teens and I just want to enjoy them while they're young and holding on to me for everything. Still they want me as their companion in malling, dining out and strolling but when they're older I know they will have their friends to go out with. Just some thoughts from a Mom!


Maintaining Your Skin

It’s always raining hard these days and I thanked God that I don’t have to report to office and bear the heavy traffic along the main road. Personally I love rainy days as long as I don’t have to go out of the house on a corporate suit, that’s what corporate girls are suffering – wearing your best office suit or uniform and face the rains and traffic afterwards. You’ll reach the office looking like the storm swept your whole body.

Anyway my former work is just one floor below the famous skin care clinic for the rich and most showbiz personalities. I came to see personalities who look their best even on stormy days, of course they’re artists and not just ordinary employees. I supposed even they grow old it will not show on their faces as they’re using the best wrinkle creams available in the market. Actually they don’t just put the creams on their daily night and morning regimen; they also undergo special skin treatment before using it because the wrinkle creams are used for their celebrity look maintenance.


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