Saturday, July 11, 2015

Piston Pumps

For the past 30 years, piston pumps have serviced the agricultural industry with a diverse line of pumps for various applications. FMC pumps are manufactured with high-grade materials that will handle the most difficult types of applications. 

Piston pumps are ideal for agricultural spraying applications. They can be used for crop spraying with all types of fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. Pumps are made to resist acidic and alkaline solutions and work well with the most corrosive are abrasive types of chemical treatments, even those that contain high amounts of sulfuric acid. Pump nozzles create a fine mist at approximately 500 psi which can be easily sprayed on the leaves of plants in agricultural nurseries, orchards, golf courses and other types of business or industrial facilities. 

For agricultural businesses that prefer the “no till” application instead of sprayed applications, chemical treatments can be injected directly into the soil. With this type of application, pump nozzles direct liquid fertilizers and pesticides directly into the ground through small openings made by sharp blades. Nozzles can pump liquids at pressures up to 3,000 psi with smaller amounts of chemicals resulting in minimal soil erosion. 

In addition to agricultural applications, many pest control companies use piston pumps for residential and commercial pest control treatments. Spray treatments are administered in the same way with a fine mist or fog. For termite treatments, small, truck mounted pump skids deliver chemicals by injecting them two or three feet under the soil. These types of applications work on low-pressure, low-flow nozzles. 

Piston Pumps are used by various types of businesses and industries around the world. Their superior performance and diversity makes them useful for a wide range of applications such as: 

* Agricultural 
* Chemical 
* Drilling
* Mining
* Oil and Gas
* Steel
* Manufacturing
* Food processing
* Pulp and Paper
* Plastic Mouldings
* Reverse Osmosis

Piston pumps offer companies reliable technology with cost-effective advantages. Piston pumps, also called reciprocating pumps, can be powered by steam, turbine engines or electric motors. Pumps are capable of delivering fluids at high pressure rates, up to 10,000 pounds per square inch, and they are self-priming, so there's no need to fill the cylinders before starting. Piston pumps have a wide pressure range that can be controlled without any impact on the flow rate, and pressure changes have minimal impact on overall performance.


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