Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Ways to Enjoy Life with Fun Online Games and Hobbies

Everyone has their own share of happy childhood memories of fun games and outdoor activities that they’ve grown so fond of. It’s something that they had in their younger years when games ruled out their weekends and school breaks. Everyone experienced being young and energetic that they sought certain hobbies that would keep them entertained. Be it playing ball or board games, singing, dancing, cooking, drawing, sports, and outdoor activities, it always keeps their minds preoccupied and refreshed from the usual routine and boring activities. It also kept them thrilled and enthusiastic. Even to the grown-up individuals they still need to have some sports or hobbies to beat the stress of the daily bustle of life. 

In my early childhood with my big brother, little sister and plenty of cousins around me, we played all sorts of games that did not require many toys and gadgets. In the province back then we played ball games in the field, climbed trees, played water sports in the river, tumbled in the grass, rode horses at the sides, played hide and seek and just enjoyed everything offered by nature. At home we played scrabble, rubber bands, cards and riddle games that kept us awake at night even if our elders were telling us to sleep early. Even when we moved to my father’s hometown near the entrance of the city, life was still simple and games were still the natural kinds where children just play whatever games they want out in the streets just before dinnertime. 

Life became different when technology started to unfold where children started playing the Family Computer, who didn’t know the very famous Super Mario Bros. game. My best friend has even stuffed Super Mario toys which she adores so much. I actually played it with her in their home together with that handheld game consoles which get us so excited, actually not only us but adults as well. I particularly loved playing Pac-Man, a maze action game where the player controls a dot-eating Pac-Man inside an enclosed maze while avoiding ghosts to keep his life. Pac-Man should eat power pellets for him to eat the ghosts to have bonus points and a bonus life too. You need to be fast and alert, or you’ll be eaten by ghosts. Just thinking of it made me smile. I started playing blocks and learned to love Tetris, where I need to complete lines by moving differently shaped pieces. These games are super entertaining for me because my mind gets so focused while my heart is excitedly controlling my hand.  

As years gone by these games were played on desktop computers where online games became so exciting like playing Mystery Case Files where the player plays Master Detective for the hidden object puzzles and must find a certain number of items hidden somewhere on a painted scene. It became popular with the working individuals where we spent our lunch breaks trying to finish those puzzles. It’s also the time when cellular phones entered the gaming world, and people played Snake, Solitaire, block games like Tetris, board games like Scrabble and Chess, and for those who want speed they played running cars. 

Life is so happy with games you can play with; it can relieve stress, make you competitive or just beat your boredom. A few years back I became so engrossed in Candy Crush that I would play every break time I had at work. It became so popular that even celebrities would buy virtual goods to move to a higher level. Hobbies and games are the same in a way that it fills up your spare time, makes you excited and definitely makes a person enjoy life as it is. I have so many hobbies of my own like cooking, calligraphy, photography, gardening, watching movies and, of course, baking with my daughter Ruthie, but I make my hobbies and online games balanced with my life and work. 

Until now, online games still amaze me, especially those mind-blowing games like Word Tetris, Four Pics 1 Word and Wordscapes which stimulates my mind so much. From time to time I visit new sites that offer new exciting games, especially when the pandemic hits the globe and makes us sad whenever someone we love passes away. Playing games brings us respite from feeling lonely like the games I chanced upon on Plays.org, I played some Arcade classics like Tetra Blocks, and my kid played the educational game Zombie Typing where you have to fight off waves of zombies by correctly typing words, so if you miss one word, they will quickly come to you. The game made him jump in his seat and made him type as fast as he could. 

Just now I tried a very intriguing game because it’s what every person talk about now but not the scary virus but an enjoyable game, The Fight Virus COVID-19 Hospital Simulation Game, a hospital simulation game where the player should disinfect every place where the virus goes to. The virus should be eliminated, so it will not spread. I really enjoyed it how the virus would suddenly appear one by one, and I would have to disinfect all of them. You have to be alert and fast, so you won’t reach the 70% infection rate, or the game will be over hahaha. It feels like a kid for a time being. 

That’s what games can do to a person, you’ll feel young again. I promised myself to try out some new games again if I have more free times, so I will forever feel young and excited. Try it, guys, you’ll love it.


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