Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Why Race Is a Topic More People Should Be Willing to Discuss

Although the subject of race has the potential to bring tension into an otherwise mild conversation, it is often the elephant in the room that would benefit everyone to discuss. For the most part, the topic is frequently placed in the same off-limits box with religion or politics, but this is often out of fear. The racial equality essay or conversation can displace people from all viewpoints on edge. Here are some reasons, however, that more people should be willing to discuss it.

It Sets the Tone for Meaningful Social Exchange

Sometimes, without even realizing it, people bring many of their preconceived notions about the racial heritage of others to a conversation. There is not too much inherently wrong with this. After all, each person is a summary of his or her experiences. It becomes a challenge when those preconceived notions prevent a person from being open to other points of view, flavor and empower biases or prevent another person from having fair opportunities. This is especially true in situations like job hiring, economic access or equal opportunity allowed by law.

It Diversifies Viewpoints

It is tough to imagine how static the world would be if everyone shared the same point of view. Conversations would be predictable and listeners would bore easily of what they know is coming. When people allow racial equality to enter the conversations, they open themselves to broader perspectives and experience things that might otherwise be lost to them. This kind of exchange makes a more well-rounded person.

It Can Be a Blueprint for Youth

Although it is not something on the minds of people who are engaging in conversation, children are almost always watching. They pick up on cues of what is spoken and unspoken. This includes any tensions around race. As many youth who have carried on the actions and opinions of their parents have proven, this tension is learned behavior and not necessarily inherited. This should be a reminder that the conversation speaks a future into existence. Why should that future not include safe, open conversation about an issue that has affected everyone?

No matter what your racial heritage or background happens to be, race likely has played a factor in your growth and development, even if in ways not always obvious. It is healthy to acknowledge and discuss the impact. Everyone has a stake in the ongoing conversation.


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