Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Home Relief Solutions for Mom

As my Mom’s arthritis is often bothering her we consulted our doctor about it and he gave her mild medicine to take for a month. We don’t want Mom to take medicine not prescribed by doctor on her sickness because it might complicate her condition or develop other sickness that will make her weaker. I’ve been informed that my cousin’s Mom has taken so many medicines on arthritis that through the process of years became the cause of other sickness. 

Anyway I also bought Mom some liniments for extra relief from arthritis and she loves it that she always carries it wherever she goes. I still believe that she should not be depending on medicines only and that external medicines and proper foods will help a lot as well. Now I’m looking into this knee walker deal if we should be buying it now to further help Mom when she’s in pain from her sickness. We’ll still ask Mom about it because if she resists using it the walker will just be in the stock room.


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