Friday, July 13, 2012

Engagement Rings

When two people fall in love they want to be together always and time stops when they’re in the company of each other. In the first months and years of relationship they come to know each other’s attitude, traits, strength, fears and little things that define their characteristics. It is when couple realize how much they love their partner or on different circumstances they will know that they’re not compatible. They say that long engagement is not advisable because prolonged years expose them to temptations and sometimes boredom. It is most old folks’ idea of having a long courtship and short engagement before marriage rather than short courtship with long engagement. 

 Anyway age is also a factor because when you fall in love early in life you just can’t marry the moment you know you’re in love. With all these things in my mind I try to associate our own experience with courtship, falling in love, being engaged and finally getting married to the person you want to live with the rest of your life. It seems so magical to write things this way but it’s true falling in love is magical as you’ll never when it will hit you. 

The moment that I met my husband I felt a different spark within me which I just ignored at first. Through years of friendship and being together in our church we came to know each other and got closer. Little we know that we’re falling for each other. He felt it first and I realized later that the first spark is the first foundation of love in my heart. Our friendship developed into love and upon realizing we’re more than friends we committed ourselves in a promise to marry someday. After two years we were engaged and got married. 

During those days engagement are simple unlike these days when men would go to a certain act or to some planned drama to profess love and ask the girl to marry him. It is then that the man would give an engagement ring to his special love and wait for the yes answer. Kinda romantic? Of course love is magic and romantic. Well when it comes to selecting the perfect engagement ring for that special one you can click here and choose the one that will fit your dream diamond engagement ring. 

But you also need to learn from the expert or read reviews on how to choose the perfect ring. We all know that diamond is very expensive and we should know the right place to buy it like Whiteflash who offers Hearts & Arrow diamond, original handcrafted platinum and gold setting, diamond engagement rings and wedding bands and specialty jewelry. Diamond is forever and the perfect symbol of love and devotion.


Realizing the Real Me Sometimes

I've taken personality test/quiz to know how am I with watercolor blot test.  It's just that I find personality test exciting.  It somehow brings the natural self in me.  Sometimes I told myself that the test is not true and that it's just a game but I realized that the results are actually closer to the real me if I will just admit it.  Just note the results I got from the quiz. Almost everything is true from being  an open-minded person to being energetic, sporty, with good sense of humor, optimistic and a lot more.  See the results below:

You Are Balanced
You are an expansive and open-minded person. You want to experience the world without judgment.

You are energetic to the point of being athletic and sporty. You like to move!

You have a good sense of humor. You are easily amused, and others find you to be quite amusing.

You are optimistic and always expect the best. You put misfortune in perspective.


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