Saturday, April 24, 2010

Josh Wearing His Necktie

It’s Sunday worship service again tomorrow and I’m looking for DH necktie for tomorrow. I would like to prepare it the night before so I will not rush tomorrow. I’m thinking of buying some bow ties for the little boy and DH for a change in their look on our Sunday fellowship.

Anyway the little boy still has a new neck tie which he used on his graduation day and I found him real cute wearing it. Some lovingly teased him and called him Engineer and Congressman. He just smiled at them. Here’s one picture of him with his tie.


Two Important Things When Working at Home

I’ve been running and about the whole day but only on online works that I have filing up in my dashboard. Now I’ve almost finished them all except for one or two tasks that will expire next week. I must check first about the furnace filters my SIL is asking me. It’s so important to her and she asked me to search online as I’m connected all day on the net.
I have many offline activities this coming week and it’s safer if I finished them all to avoid rushing when due dates are coming. Discipline and time management are really important when you’re working at home because you are your own boss and it’s up to you when you want to schedule your work. You can have it in the morning, afternoon or evening. It really depends on your inspired hours of working and in your busiest time of doing household works.


Needs a One Week Rest from Work

Lately DH is not feeling well because he has some chest pains and he easily tires. He took a leave of absence yesterday to visit and consult our doctor. Big brother referred Dr. Ponce to us and we find him so nice and with fine humor. We showed him the results of DH’s x-ray and told us that it’s well and good. But on continuous consultation he found what’s wrong with DH. He told DH to relax, don’t carry heavy loads, sleep early and eat nutritious foods.
That’s easy to follow except that DH can’t do that with his current work because he carries appliances if his helper can’t and works from 10am up to 9pm and even longer on weekends. So how can he relax with his full inventory? That’s the things we need to solve and the verdict is to have an immediate one-week rest from work. He went to work today to inform his office and he has to find a reliever for his work before he can take his leave. Wish he can start resting on Monday so he’ll be fine and strong again.


One Week Trial Achievement

Wow I’ve finished my first six days of abstaining rice on my lunch and dinner. Of course the results are not noticeable at this time but I feel a lot better than last week. Actually it feels like I’m using the most effective diet pill because I feel light and healthy. Well it’s only one week now since I started it and I’m very positive with the following weeks.
For now I’m not much into getting slim but of being healthy. I’ve been feeling a little weak for the last past weeks and MIL advised me to have cleansing diet. Though I haven’t done the real and strict cleansing diet I’m doing part of it by taking rice on breakfast only and the rest of my meals consist of veggies, fish and fruits. With these foods I combine plenty of water. On Monday I’m going to reduce my rice on breakfast maybe a half cup will do.


Saving for our Franchise

DH and I are thinking of carrying on our plan to have a franchise of some products we’ve chosen for our store. We’re setting things up but we chose not to put up a store this time. We’ll concentrate on deliveries to school and offices so we don’t need to construct a small store building. It wouldn’t take too much of my time plus it’s easier to manage. If the time comes that I’ll be available to manage it while I’m blogging maybe we’ll put up a store. Anyway we’re still planning it and hope to finalize things before the school begins again in June. I’m excited with our plans and ideas and I’m saving up some of my earnings to help DH in financing our franchise.


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