Monday, August 6, 2012

New Drumkit for the Church

The ministers and the instruments group had a meeting about the update of the new drum set project. Our current drum set is several years old and some of the accessories are already reached old age that they deemed it’s time to have a new drum set for the church. The current is actually a gift of my brother to our church and if ever they would sell it I will get it for sentimental sake. Josh love to have a real drum set so it will be a valuable reason to buy the drums. 

DH presided the meeting and he has the canvassed price of desired and needed full drumkit for the church. It’s really a good buy for a quality drumkit and is sure to last a long period of usage. The only thing that delays the plan is the budgetary allocation for the new instrument so when they’re finished with finance planning I’m sure they will decide when they will buy it.


Catching Up on Family Events' Posts

I’ll be writing some late posts here which I haven’t blogged about when I’m so busy with my corporate work. Even if it’s late I just want to post some of our activities for my kids’ journal. My kids love browsing my personal blog where I used to post pictures of them when they’re young. I started blogging 5 years ago and in that 5 years the kids has grown up so fast so I reminded myself to journal our bonding together and their activities so when the time comes that they want to remember memorable moments they can easily see it in my blog.

Last weekend my two younger kids Gen and Josh laughed at their pictures years ago when Josh was barely two years old. They were talking that they both look cute when they’re young. They laughed at the stolen videos of them when they’re eating, playing, singing and talking. They just love it.


Relaxing Swimming Resort

It’s always raining these days but still we’re planning a celebration for our dear Pastor’s birthday in spite of the stormy weather. We want to celebrate it with full festive activities but the weather will not permit it unlike last year when we celebrated it at one of the beautiful resorts in Calamba, Laguna. The place is so huge that aside from the four swimming pools they already have in the resort I saw two mini pools for kids still on the finishing and designing stage. It’s just perfect for a nice getaway. 

One good thing that I observed in the place is how they keep its cleanliness. The place is free from any litter and the water in the pool doesn’t have any leaves floating. They keep the place in perfect clean and tidy condition. I wonder if they have hayward tigershark pool cleaner that helps them cleans and maintains the place. It’s not that easy to maintain and keep swimming resort especially if there are many people renting the place. People have different attitude and ways that sometimes others can’t abide by the rules so it’s up to the staff to monitor people who shows a not-so obedient attitude. I really appreciate clean and orderly places when we want to relax, swim and bond together because it adds comfort and convenience to vacationing people.


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