Monday, August 6, 2012

New Drumkit for the Church

The ministers and the instruments group had a meeting about the update of the new drum set project. Our current drum set is several years old and some of the accessories are already reached old age that they deemed it’s time to have a new drum set for the church. The current is actually a gift of my brother to our church and if ever they would sell it I will get it for sentimental sake. Josh love to have a real drum set so it will be a valuable reason to buy the drums. 

DH presided the meeting and he has the canvassed price of desired and needed full drumkit for the church. It’s really a good buy for a quality drumkit and is sure to last a long period of usage. The only thing that delays the plan is the budgetary allocation for the new instrument so when they’re finished with finance planning I’m sure they will decide when they will buy it.


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