Saturday, June 6, 2009

Need To Get Back!

Lately I feel I’m gaining weight little by little again, maybe because I came back to work a month ago. Some of my friends in the church told me that sitting for a long period of time gets you out of shape. This can be true because working in an office sometimes requires you to stay in your place longer especially if you’re concentrating on finishing some projects.

My mom always reminds me to stand and walk a little at least before an hour strikes on the clock. She said it will help me exercise my limbs a little and free my stomach and hips from being on the same position. Oh well I was thinking maybe I should get a job that will require me to stand and walk for a long time but what kind of job would that be? Or maybe I should try some diet pill to remedy my excess weight faster than I imagined.

There are more ways than one to get back into shape and I know plenty of exercise and balanced meal plan will do justification but the most important of all is discipline. Everything will follow and materialize if I will discipline myself on many things like I should sleep at least 6 hours, I should avoid too much coffee and sweets and I should return to my walking exercises that I used to do. Last is – I should remind myself everyday about this plan.


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