Saturday, February 27, 2010

Readying Car for Next School Year

It’s another year again and next month we’ll have to deal with renewal of our car’s registration We’re thinking of how we’re going to have it registered with its current status. Anyway we still have two weeks to finalize our decision. We have our quotations now for the complete repair and it spells expenses. Although it’s still in repair status I’m searching for an affordable auto insurance quote so when the car returned to its normal running condition we’ll be ready with the processing of insurances and registration. How I wish the car will be ready for the next school year opening of classes as I’ll have three students on three different schools.


Friday, February 26, 2010

:Friday Fill-ins #165

1. A cup of tea is enough to relax my moods and controls my cravings for sweet foods
2. Any comfortable place with nice people makes a place feel like home.
3. Everything has its beauty you just have to be aware of the minute details in order to appreciate them.
4. Don't you like the taste of strawberries? Me, I just love it
5. Art makes me feel fulfilled.
6. LOL I just noticed I forgot that the boss is there looking at me while I eat my snack, I should have given him some
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to attending our high school golden alumni in Cainta Catholic College, tomorrow my plans includedownloading our alumni pics and applying my blogs to one company and Sunday, I want to arrange our hosting for midweek bible study on March 3.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fully-Booked Schedule

I have plenty of scheduled activities tomorrow concerning the school of my kids. I have PTA Officers meeting and another meeting with graduation committee. Janet gave me the list of people to write letter to complete the necessary documents for the venue and the program. I have to make 3 letters for the administrative officer of the village we’re renting the venue from, another letter informing the Superintendent of our chosen venue for graduation and the last one for the high school principal where we will be hiring cadets for the graduation ceremony.

I have to remind myself that I also need to get some cardboard display quotation just in case we’ll need some. Janet and I are lucky to have each other always as a team because she’s the president of the graduation committee and I’m the secretary. As always I’ll have to do all documentations but its fine as long as I’m only in the background, I’m good at being an assistant.


Tell Someone You Love Them

Myspace Love Graphics Quotes

I once read an old story about two friends who lives far apart. They thought of visiting each other but the busy life they have prevented them from seeing each other for years. The promise that they will visit each other has been forsaken and never materialized until one day one of them learned that her friend has died already and because of that she will find the time now to visit the wake of her dearest friend. She never said that she loves her though she’d been planning to do that when they meet again. Upon seeing her friend lying dead in her funeral she regretted the time that has passed in their lives when they’ve been slaved by their work and busy schedule. So if you want to say ‘I love you” to your family and friends say it when there’s time, say it now! It’s always good to let them know you care!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Early Summer Heat

With the sun’s scorching heat damaging our skin everyday I have no choice but to lessen going out in the middle of the day except for the important things that can’t be missed. Since summer has come so early bringing us the high temperature during the day I told my kids to stay out of the sun in school on their breaks. It might bring some rashes and allergy on their skin when they exposed themselves.

There are lots of skin disorders that may occur when we exposed ourselves without protection. I won’t be surprised if one day my little boy will be asking for allergy relief because sometimes he’ll run into our backyard and play. He’ll stop when I caught him and he just love the catching game especially when it’s me and him playing lol! He’s really a handful at times! And I love him so much!


Monday, February 22, 2010

:Today's Flowers #81 and MYM#2

Click the images to enlarge

These two shots were taken on the garden beside my former office in Libis where the owner lend the place to a family and they built a wonderful garden of vegetable and flower plants. I even bought some plants for my Mom. I missed the place because it's the first thing that I get to see before reaching our building and these beautiful Española flowers (am I right?) were the ones near the road. I have to brave myself before the family's watchdog before I had these shots! Anyway they held the dogs while I take the shots but I'm really not comfortable if they're not tied lol!

It's my granny's favorite flowers and we used to put some of these kinds in her grave when I was young.

Happy Monday!


He’s so Fond of Amusement Parks

My little boy always wants to talk about his educational tour especially our visit to his favorite amusement park. He always talks about the exciting rides, the tree house, the funny mascots & characters and all the fun he had experienced there. He asked me if we could go back there sometime and I told him we will with his two siblings. Of course his two sisters want to go there also and have fun with the rides he’s talking about. When my friend JennyL went on a trip abroad and had some Disney vacations she told us her exciting time there. She showed her tons of pictures when she was there with her family. Since that time Josh always ask me when we could possibly visit Disneyland. He likes to see all Disney characters that he love to watch on cable tv. He’s really hopeful that we could arrange a vacation there.


Will You Live to 100?

Chance You'll Live to 100: 88%

100 is looking like a sure thing for you. So don't screw it up!
In fact, you may live even longer than that. You're healthy, and you have good genes.
Unless there's a robot uprising, you'll probably live a very long time.

I was taking this test to relax myself as I'm not feeling well this morning, I didn't make any work and asked my Mom to massage my back. It was a nice therapy for me as I feel good now, I even made muffins with my daughter Ruth. I'm just taking it slowly today to recover from over work last week. No regrets though as I've saved a lot of bucks for my kids' tuition fee next year! Oh well nice chances for me don't you think? Try this one out!


Friday, February 19, 2010

Invest in Gold Bullion

Today’s economy is fast changing and most often its fluctuating. This situation in the country affects all people from all walks of life because economy covers the entire country thus the price hike of basic commodities, transportation, education and many other things. It greatly affects stock exchange business. It’s good to invest your money on stocks but it also changes daily. There are other investments like land, houses, jewelries and small business but some of these are not good investment idea as they depreciates throughout the years.

With this situation it’s better to put your investment in tangible assets where there’s no fear of declining value. It’s time to buy gold bullion from US Gold Bureau if you want a good return of investment in the future. They offer gold, silver and platinum bars, maplets and more. There are greater possibilities of increasing your profit if you buy gold now so don’t wait for long visit their site and decide.


:Friday Fill-Ins#164

1. Johnny Weir is a champion figure skater.
2. I wish I was in Vancouver Canada watching 2010 Olympics.

3. And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was even more delicate than before.
4. Take a cool shower at dawn if you get an urge.
5. Having sweet dreams is just like having sweet thoughts the whole day.
6. What does it take for him really change for good.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to stay up very late to finish tasks due midnight, tomorrow my plans include jumbling up online and offline tasks as usual and Sunday, I want to think of fellowship only and nothing about blogging!


Vital Things in Seeking Employment

My niece didn’t pursue college for lack of finances, her Mom died when she’s very young and her father can’t afford to send her to college. She has flair of fixing appliances and mobile phones and quite interested in enrolling in electronics vocational course or even a short course in repairing cellular phones. I’m happy that finally she found what she wants in her life and even if it’s only vocational I encourage her to pursue her plans as she can do it with perseverance and will power. I know in time she’ll have her dreams achieved just like others who dreamed and achieved their goals. Just follow what you want to be in life and try your best to meet your goal.

There are many chances of studying and many channels in which we can study on low finances like the training programs offered by may train institute. I’ve known private and government agencies those who provide training for electronics associate, dress making, computer secretarial, typing, and cooking and many others. I heard this green educator who offers courses for green economy like energy auditing, solar training, wind training, sustainability training and more. All these courses are good for green economy and will be of great help to those who want to have a career on those fields. Education and training are two vital things for seeking job in the future. With proper knowledge and skills gained from education and training a good job opportunity will await the graduates.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

He’s Slimmer and Healthier

We chance upon a former office mate who used to be our companion in our overnight working for bid proposal. He was so big and needless to say he has excessive pounds but he’s not so keen on losing some of his extra pounds. Now when we saw him we couldn’t believe our eyes as he seems to be fit and very healthy. He’s still big but the fat he has in the past is slowly turning to muscles.

He told us he has decided to change his eating habits and turned to a healthy lifestyle because he has been sick in the past and the reason was too much cholesterol on his body. He has enrolled in a gym workout schedule to monitor his weight and he’s happy that he has become slimmer now. One of our friends asked him if he’s taking testosterone booster and he winked and smiled. Guess what? He played along with our friend’s question but he doesn’t know anything about the boosters. Now he's asking about it too because he's really serious in getting slimmer and becoming as fit as possible. He also wants some good hard muscles to complete his dream.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Heads or Tails : Light and Dark

The theme/prompt for THIS week, February 16, is:
HEADS - "Light" ~OR~ TAILS - "Dark"

Well I used both themes for Heads and Tails making my post here as a combination of light and dark. This was taken more than a year ago while I was attending a wedding reception at the top of the hill that's why I got a good view. This view was looking out at the metropolis particularly the Ortigas Center while I was in the hills of Antipolo City. You can see the sunset 'light' slowly hiding its majestic shine and slowly leaving and making the environment darker. I always have some fascination over sunset!


Pursuing Her Dream After All

My friend didn’t go to college due to lack of money to finance her studies and right after high school she worked in an electronics company to help her parents in raising up her siblings. She stayed with the company for many years but due to lack of college degree she find it hard to transfer to other companies that can give her better opportunities of earning bigger salary. She can’t pursue college on normal schooling because she needs to retain her job to support her dream of finishing a college course.

It would be hard for her to study in the night as she’s on a shifting schedule and her chosen course is not available on night studies. She really wants to study as she needs something to hold on in the future and to compete with other qualified applicants. I told her that she can have an online college degree just by studying in her own home. She’s very interested and told me that she’ll think it over the night and will let me know of her decision. It's an opportunity for her to achieve her goals and dreams without sacrificing her work. She can't afford to leave her present job as it's their bread and butter. I think she'll go for it as I saw she’s very happy about it.


Do You Have Healthy Relationship?

You Have Very Healthy Relationships

You are an amazing friend, partner, and family member.
You always take other people's feelings into account, and you're never selfish.

Your relationships are based on mutual respect.
You respect the people you love, and you only love people who respect you in return.

Just having some ponderings and tried this quiz to see if my relationship with my family is healthy enough. I'm quite satisfied with the results though I may say I'm not that really perfect. I might have flaws and mistakes along the way but I'm happy that at the end of the road I have a very happy life.


Monday, February 15, 2010

New Hair Cut

I had my little boy’s hair trimmed down to a very neat cut for his graduation portrait in school. He has his father’s hair so when his hair is long it curls a bit. Well it’s better for him to inherit hubby’s hair because if he’ll get it from my side I’m sure he’ll have problem with thinning hair at the front when he gets old just like my Dad and brother. My Dad had nice and thick hair when he was young but when he reached thirties his hair started to show thinning at the front. If only he found the best hair loss treatments on those days he would have saved his hair from thinning. Losing and thinning hair affects our personality and sometimes it gives us inferiority complex. Anyway my Dad took it lightly and accepted his situation with a good smile. And even if there are remedies available in those days this modern technology got better cure for it.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Always With Love myspace graphic comments

My kids were so excited with Valentine's day and they made some real cute cards for me. Well since Josh is just a little boy just some hearts here and there on the card is enough for me. As they say it's the thought that counts, he even planned to buy me some chocolates but he told me his money is in my bank lol! This lil boy always makes me laugh whatever whenever! Ruth made a very beautiful card with much creativity on the fold up images inside the card. She has a habit of filling up the cards inside and out never missing spaces to put some words and design and I love it! This occasion is not a formal occasion to us just as long as the family is bonded together and always with love we're Happy!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sleep Properly

I had busy days this week that made me so tired at night. I have to do blogging between my offline activities just to cope up with my schedules. I never really imagined that being a full time Mom can almost rob you of your time for yourself. This week I tried to finish all pending tasks at night but I can’t force myself to stay awake because my eyes seem to have their own mind.

DH told me not to sleep very late because my blood pressure will be affected so I followed him; besides if I sleep properly acne won’t develop on my face. Then I won’t be looking for the right acne medicine for my type of skin. It's quite a task finding the right one because skin on the face is normally sensitive and you can't take a risk on it. I'm very careful with the things that I use on my face. I usually wash it with my white germicidal soap and put only loose powder on daily activities. I don't put makeup which is why my face is always clear of anything that would harm it. Now I hope I can allot more time to my sites next week as I have tons of tasks to finish.


My Waking Hours

Woke up every early today only to know that it’s only 3am and still hours before my regular waking hours. I woke up everyday on weekdays at 4:30am and on weekends at 6am but today Gen has review classes for RAT (Regional Achievement Test) and Ruth was scheduled for entrance test in TUMCS at 8am. I really regret having early school schedule on weekends because that’s only the days that I can wake a little later than usual.

Anyway I returned to my sleep, woke up at 5am and did every chores as fast as I can to be ready to accompany Ruth to her exam day. I really would like to sleep soundly and continuously from night to morning but I’m not used to taking sleeping pills which will give me a good night’s sleep. I can’t imagine my daughters are going to school without eating breakfast. They need a full meal breakfast to be at their smartest level when learning their lessons and be alert on whatever school activities they may have. Lack of food at the start of the day makes you lazy, weak and a little dizzy sometimes. Breakfast for me is the most important meal of the day.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

School Inquiries for Ruth

I visited TUMCS this afternoon to inquire about the requirements needed to apply for entrance exam for Ruth’s secondary education. I dropped by Jen’s internet café before going to school because I’ve never been there before. Bes’ café is near the corner of the road leading to school so I asked for directions. The school is only a walking distance but since I’m not familiar with the school I hired a trike to go there which I think is only two minutes traveling time. I entered the Guidance’ office and they quickly gave me recommendation form which will be filled up confidentially by Ruth’s current class adviser. The other form contains some info about our family. I’ll return the forms on Friday so Ruth can be evaluated before the examination date.


Friday, February 5, 2010

:Friday Fill-ins #162

And…here we go!

1. I know things will work out fine after the talk.
2. I really think December is the longest month and the busiest also.
3. You can’t help but follow what God says in the great book.
4.You have to believe that prayers can move mountains; bring it on!
5. Where have you looked and searched for that good old antique furniture?
6. My instant messenger is always invisible but since my classmate wants to know if I'm online or not my status on my chat is now available.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to finish writing up my article on the difference of branded against generic drugs, tomorrow my plans include cooking up family's favorite chicken afritada and pancakes and Sunday, I want to go to my SIL' house in Montalban after sunday service!


Will She Invest?

It’s getting hot again and doing some tasks here in my room seems to exhaust me. I’ve done with visiting several sites and happy that I spared some of my time for it. My PC failed me an hour ago when I was waiting for some opportunities; it hanged on me just in time for the release of assignments. I think I should have checked my PC before when I had the same problem a month ago. I can’t help feeling so frustrated because I’ve waited patiently then my PC stopped reading.

Since I’ve always been with my PC for almost the whole day I felt the same way as when a friend let me down. Since I lost my excitement now I’ll just finish this post and check the Palm Springs real estate which was requested by my friend. I just don’t know what she’ll do with the information gathered. Will she invest or just visit the place?


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Recovering from Day Laziness

It’s been a lazy day for me as I haven’t finished any task in the morning and afternoon. Our late night yesterday after bible study has made me so lazy the whole day. Maybe my blogging overnights last week has affected my health and now I’m just suffering the consequences. I’m taking my headache medicine for two days now and I’m glad tonight made me feel stronger to work on my tasks. I’m happy that when I’m inspired and feeling good I can do several tasks in one or two hours only. Well I also need to work on my lazy days as I don’t want to be beating again on my deadlines.

We’ve finished dinner early in the evening at 7pm and my kids were all ready to study assignments and watch television afterwards. Just after 8:00 in the evening they’re all sleeping and I returned to my PC to recover from my lack of accomplishments the whole day. When hubby came home I was halfway my due tasks and now I’m just visiting some sites and getting ready for my sleep.


Live with Better Vision Through Lasik Surgery

I always dream of having my 20/20 vision back again which was lost when my vision blurred because of some reading habits that brought too much pressure on my eyes. I was a student when I first had my eyeglasses and I wear it at all times because my doctor advised me that wearing them can prevent further blurring of vision. Now when I recalled about it I realized that I spent half of my life wearing eyeglasses and I still prefer it than contact lens. I like contact lens because it will free me from eyeglasses that seem to make anyone look old but I’m comfortable with my eyeglasses. It’s just that I wish I could have a better vision so I can play my favorite sports and be able to see far objects clearly.

When my Mom was operated on her cataract I get to see her doctor more often and learned that Lasik Surgery is now available. In fact there are various clinics like Lasik Surgery Boston who provides this kind of service. They offer iLASIK procedure to their customers who have eye problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. It’s just a quick and painless operation procedure that will return your vision into its former clarity. You can attain 20/20 or better vision right after the procedure. This procedure is guaranteed safe but not applicable to other eye problems like cataract, glaucoma and some others.

Modern technology innovations has successfully reached the eye science and I was one of the people who are very happy to know that I can be cured from my nearsightedness and live a better life with clearer vision.

This is a sponsored post.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Top Droppers for January 2010 myspace graphic comments

Thanks to all my droppers and visitors for the first month of the year although for some days I failed to visit you back because the first two weeks was an unhealthy days for me. Now I'm ok and hope to drop by your sites more often.

Dropper # of drops
Pure Natural Diva 31
Wirez and Circuitz 30
Jean sQuared 30
Traders' Hub 30
My Poem 30 29
Health Body 29
Humor 29
FREE Affiliate System 27
Nice2All 24


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Franchise Business Plans

Hubby and I were talking about our previous small business several years ago and thinking of renewing it again but this time we want to put up a real store unlike then that we only do deliveries to offices and schools. I was asking him if he has plans of retiring early to manage the shop but he told me that he’s not so sure about it. I wasn’t sure either if I can manage to maintain all my blogs and attend to our small shop at the same time. I have no plans of hiring a helper because it gives me headache to control them so I’m having second thoughts.

Well I really want to put a small franchise of meat products but I don’t want to overestimate my strength because these days my sites are eating up most of my time. Actually I’m already thinking about the things that I would buy for the store like a freezer, working table, cabinet and an all around drawer like mmf drawer I saw online last week but I promised myself to buy these things if we’re really sure that we’ll open a store. Anyway we’ll talk about it again more seriously next time.


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