Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pursuing Her Dream After All

My friend didn’t go to college due to lack of money to finance her studies and right after high school she worked in an electronics company to help her parents in raising up her siblings. She stayed with the company for many years but due to lack of college degree she find it hard to transfer to other companies that can give her better opportunities of earning bigger salary. She can’t pursue college on normal schooling because she needs to retain her job to support her dream of finishing a college course.

It would be hard for her to study in the night as she’s on a shifting schedule and her chosen course is not available on night studies. She really wants to study as she needs something to hold on in the future and to compete with other qualified applicants. I told her that she can have an online college degree just by studying in her own home. She’s very interested and told me that she’ll think it over the night and will let me know of her decision. It's an opportunity for her to achieve her goals and dreams without sacrificing her work. She can't afford to leave her present job as it's their bread and butter. I think she'll go for it as I saw she’s very happy about it.


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