Sunday, June 26, 2011

Promotional Items

I’ve been in administrative work position for several years now and part of my job includes arranging things for the company’s gift lists. I’m always assigned in the tasks of checking our gift lists for associate companies, clients and providers. It’s quite a delicate part as you have to remember everyone especially those that’s been our loyal clients for years and my employers’ close associates. Anyway the family of my boss was in charge of buying gift items and I just have to put cards, names and take care of delivering it to the recipient’s office address. Our gift differs depending on the recipient status and positions. We gave them wines, food groceries, special items and sometimes our promotional products if we have new at the time that we are giving gifts.

When it’s time for our company’s parties we also give some keepsake for the employees which mainly consists of special products with company logo on it like customized pens, bags, umbrella and a lot more. We ordered them in bulk to avail of wholesale price and it’s ordered at a much earlier date to ensure that it’s ready when we want to give it. I love items with our company logo because I love keepsake and I never actually used them as I only collect them just like any other office friends I know. 

It’s not that easy to avail these things so I’m grateful that there are sites like that sells and supplies promotional items like customized mugs, bags, caps, pens, food items, apparel and all other giveaways that you could think of. They’re the leading online provider which has the widest variety of goods. One good thing about the site is that you can compare, search and buy these things in the comfort of your office and friends and has everything you need for the best giveaways and gifts. Now I can add their site to my searches when I look for gift ideas too just like when I found a handmade blown glass tea pot paperweight as a good gift for my Mom’s senior friend. She loves collecting beautiful items in glass and I know she will add it up to her existing collections.


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