Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mom's 80th Birthday Celebration in Tramway Buffet

Buffet Table
 with me, kuya & redge
 kids & grand kids
 buffet for desserts
buffet for meals

This is a late posting of my Mom's 80th birthday last May 30.  We're so blessed to celebrate her birthday and so thankful that at her age she's in the best of health in body and in mind and I must say still beautiful. Her happiness lingers in her eyes as she spends the day with the closest family, her children (us), her grand kids, in-laws and relatives.  

We were planning her birthday as early as January but decided before month of May that we'll have it somewhere nice and cozy instead of having it in our house.  We want to enjoy the moment of bonding with the family that we've chosen a simple cozy buffet restaurant so everyone can relax while enjoying the chit chat and food.  

As expected we all had a great time especially the little boys who were tricked by my brother to eat 10 dishes or desserts or they will pay charges lol.  Kuya did it because Matt didn't want to eat most of the times so with Kuya's little game he made Josh and Matt taste most of the dishes in very small portions.

Mom was so happy and relaxed as seen from her glowing face and told me and Redge that it's better than having it at home.  Of course it's better as once in a while we love eating in buffet or eat-all-you can restaurant because you can have more dishes and desserts in a not-so expensive price.  

Btw that's in Tramway Buffet Plaza in Shaw Blvd. where you can eat all you can for the price of P288/head.  We're able to avail the discounted price of P238 at that time. This is too long I'll share the dishes on my other blog.


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