Monday, November 11, 2013

Three Rooms That Deserve an Update

When it comes to renovation projects, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms tend to get the bulk of the attention, and rightly so – families big and small spend the bulk of their time in one of these three rooms. But how about paying some mind to the rooms that often go overlooked? Less “public” domains deserve their share of updates, too. You might be surprised, once the work is finished, by how much the renovations – once deemed non-essential – brighten your home and make it such a pleasure to be in. 


If your basement is the place where all the old things in your house end up collecting dust, why not breathe new life into the space and turn it into a room everyone can use? Get rid of all the junk that’s accumulated and then consider new flooring, like bold tiles or plush carpet, a fresh coat of paint and updated lighting. Make it the new man cave for having the guys over or add an  Arizona granite countertop plus retro seating for a home bar that’s perfect to entertain with. 

Home Office 

Whether you work from home or simply like to maintain a workspace, when was the last time it saw something new – other than a new pile of papers that never get filed? Fresh colors on the floor and the walls can considerably brighten the area, while some home DIY is all you need to put in sleek shelves for additional storage space. The key is to consider what will help eliminate clutter and keep you organized. 

Kid’s Room 

Consider revamping your kid’s room once they hit the teenage years. Toy chests and storage bins can be replaced with an adult-size bed and a desk for doing homework. New carpet from  Superior Stone and Cabinet can replace old, drab stuff, while walls are easily painted a hip color – and then painted back to a more neutral tone once the little birds leave the nest.


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