Thursday, April 16, 2020

No-Sew Sachets

If you need a quick and easy party favor for a bridal shower, birthday party, bachelorette party, teacher gift or girls’ night out, think sweet. No-sew sachets filled with sweet-tasting candy or sweet-smelling potpourri look pretty and are simple to make without a lot of crafting experience.

Purchase Supplies

Head to the nearest art supply store Long Beach CA or in your hometown. You will need to purchase the following supplies: scalloped fabric scissors, a yard or two of beautiful sheer or lace fabric, and a couple of spools of thin satin ribbon. If you want to fill your sachets with aromatics, look for the dried flowers broken into the smallest pieces rather than the large decorative potpourri. An excellent option is dried lavender. If you would rather fill the little pouches with candy, something that won’t melt easily like pastel candy-covered almonds are nice.

Make a Pattern

Using a salad plate, trace a circle onto your lace fabric. With the scalloped scissors, cut just inside the line so the pen markings won’t show. Cut a piece of ribbon about 18 inches long. You may need to adjust this based on how large or small you want the bow.

Fill the Circle

Put about two tablespoons of lavender or candy in the center of the lace circle. You will have to experiment to get the perfect amount.

Close the Purse

Gather the edges of the fabric firmly around the center ingredients. Tie tightly with the ribbon. Satin ribbon is slippery so make sure to double tie it before making the bow. If you’re filling the little bag with candy, don’t make it so tight that it can’t be opened later.

It will probably take a few practice attempts before you have just the right size for each little pouch and your bow looks just the way you want it. Add a dab of hot glue onto the bow to hold it firmly in place. While you’re making this fun easy party favor, don’t forget to make a few extra for yourself.


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