Monday, May 3, 2021

My Blogging Journey, 14 Years and Counting

Since I was in school I have a passion in writing and I used to write short poems and kept it tucked in my diary for my own satisfaction. My love for writing has helped me to excel in technical writing and in my early years of working I was able to use it in doing Technical Proposals. 

I began my blogging journey when my best friend introduced me to her world. She’s a digiscrapper then and her friends taught her how to earn online through writing posts on a journal. She thought that blogging would be perfect for me as I’m fond of writing since we were in high school. I already have 3 small kids at that time and I love writing a journal about their progress in life. When I first heard and learned about it my heart fluttered because it would be really great to continue my passion for writing and earn at the same time. 

I started fourteen years ago in April of 2007 making my first blog in a free hosted blog platform, just writing my life’s journey, my family and inspirational messages. It felt so nice doing what I love most every night after my office work. I used a pen name for writing to separate my corporate to my virtual life. I became Race in my online world and started writing in Race Corner, my first ever blog where I shared my life, my family and everything about home. Then I was inspired to create my second blog, A Beautiful Life, a blog where I shared Christian thoughts and messages to inspire my readers about the beauty of life through faith in God. 

During my first three months of blogging I began dreaming of having my own personal domain and started this blog, Moments of My Life, where I fully embraced my online world and blogging. I thought that I could do more, inspire more, share more and influence more by writing real talk about daily moments of my life as a working mom. 

Blogging has totally transformed my life because I became a real writer and began earning extra bucks as well. I want to share a glimpse of my first post on this blog sharing a picture of my beautiful family and also the moment that I finally bought my personal domain, my own name actually which gave me so much excitement. 

Online writing has made a way for me to use every skill I have to maintain my blog sites because it’s not enough that you have good writing ideas as you also need to use computer and photography skills for images on your post. You should also know how to drive visitors and readers to your sites. Blog sites should have frequent visitors on their sites to maintain the blog’s rank. 

On early days of blogging we have Entrecard and EC drop, I know most bloggers in the last decade knows this, where we visit each other and drop our entrecard in the form of customized widget. It’s one way of strengthening our Alexa ranks and in the process we got to meet online friends from all over the world. Most of them became really close friends until now. It was really fun and engaging but time consuming as well because you have to open hundred sites to support others and have your own fair share of visitors. 

We have other ways of building readership like tagging and exchanging links where your link will be placed on other blogs and vice versa. We also have plenty of blog meme where you answer questions and tag your friend to post in her own blog and pass to other bloggers. This meme also serve as personal filler posts in between paid posts. 

When your blogs have established visitors and increased page domain authority, page rank and Alexa you can apply for opportunities on various paid blogging sites and finally be able to monetize your blog. I created various blogs for different niches; business, home, technology, shopping, health and learn about SEO as well. 

Compensation is really great, you just need to write reviews on products or write articles about certain topics. Payment depends on the number of words, links to attach, page authority and page rank. Some of my blogs got PR3 and PR2 but others only reached PR1. We're always excited for the regular updates of page ranks as if it’s our life. When I think of those times it was like a roller coaster ride for our blogs. 

In my 14 years of blogging I experienced low peaks in blogging but I find it hard to stop writing because it has become part of my life. In the past few years blogging has decreased popularity but it evolved in some ways as sharing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest became a trend for added exposure. It also paved the way for the Influencers spotlight or what we called Vlogging which actually started more than a decade but really became very popular for several years now. 

We have social media pages where Influencers can post their unique content like FB pages, Youtube, Tiktok, Instagrams, Tweets and related social pages. People are excited and always waiting for new contents. I’m also a fan of Vloggers with cooking and baking channels and I follow them religiously. I also love channels on home design and DIY. 

The creativity of the content together with the talent of the Vlogger  to reach out the curiosity of the viewers pave the way for the Influencers’ success in their own chosen channels of Vlogging. This has brought some hope for me that my blogging journey will still be worth counting.


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