Saturday, March 1, 2014

Home Ready for the Drum Set

We’re planning to buy the old drum set in our church when the new replacement drum set arrives but we’re not quite sure where to place it just in case because it will eat up a lot of space. Also our house is not that beautiful and rather old but it’s so huge that adding big instruments wouldn’t hurt so much. Josh has been enrolled in a summer music schooling where he studied and learned the basic of playing the real drum set. And now I think that the old instrument would do well for his small talent and hopefully he’ll be as good as our present Instrumentalist.

I’m not so sure about when will we get it and I wonder if we should get him classic drum key as well. Maybe after two or three years he’ll be qualified and can decide for himself. Just smiling to myself now why I get so excited over my son’s musical training and future in preparing to be one of the Instrumentalists in our church. Well this is the usual life of a stage Mom.


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