Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Testing The Waters

Testing water is important because there could be chemicals lurking that no one knows about. There is a simple way that some companies will test the water in communities. They will send a small plastic cup to homes so that a sample of the water can be placed in the cup. The cup is sealed with the address on the outside of the cup. The homeowner will send the cup back to the company so that it can be tested. If there are any chemicals or other components in the water that shouldn't be there, then a notice will be sent out about what to do when cooking and drinking.

There are several pieces of water quality testing equipment that are often used when testing water. Calibration solutions are used to determine the pH of the water. The solution is added to the water. After a few minutes, the water will turn to a color that is compared to a chart that displays the number for the pH. There are meters used that can detect aspects about the quality of water simply by using a probe or a waving the meter over the water.

Even if you don't suspect that anything is wrong with your water, you should test it about once a year. Well water can sometimes get minerals in it that are unhealthy to consume. You don't have to wait for a company to send a test kit as you can order the items you need online. Another reason as to why you want to test your water is if you are pregnant or have infants or young children in the home. If you live near a farm, there are components in well water that could have an effect on babies. The water should also be tested if there is anyone in the home who has issues with distress of the gastrointestinal system. Microorganisms can get into the water from various sources, and these organisms can enter the body if the water is consumed. They can cause stomach cramps and make you sick if you continue to drink the water without knowing what's inside.


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