Friday, October 21, 2011

Documenting our Kids’ Milestones

I often hear my friends say that time flies so fast with their kids. They were just reminiscing the time when their kids were born and now they are off to college or are starting their own family already.

That is why it is really important to document and preserve those special moments and milestones of your kids. So how can you do that?

1. Start a blog. You can easily start a blog as there are a lot of blogging platform where you can sign up for free like Blogger, Live Journal, WordPress to name just a few. This will serve as your online journal as you create post to document the different milestones of your kids. You can create a separate blog for each of your children or create one blog to document the special moment of all your kids. This is also a nice way to keep your friends and relatives updated with what’s going on with your children.
2. Upload pictures in Image Hosting sites. Thanks to digital camera, we have soft copies of our pictures that we can easily upload to image hosting sites like Flickr, Webshots, Multiply, etc. Not only it will serve as a backup of our photos, but also these sites provide an easy way to share pictures to our friends and families so they can get updated with our life through the photos.

3. Turn your pictures in photo books. Instead of having hundreds of pictures printed, why not turn them into photo books. There are a lot of sites, which offer photo book printing services like Artscow where you just need to upload the pictures to their site and just drag and drop them to the available layouts. This makes for a great keepsake of those special events in your kids’ life. These sites even offer coupon codes and discount vouchers often so it even comes out cheaper than having those pictures printed.

We can never really stop our kids from growing but at least with these keepsakes, we can treasure those special milestones forever.

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