Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Staying Home

Staying at home gives you time to dwell on more important things in life. Even though I’m not really just staying home because I’m working as well I now have time to take care of my kids and my Mom. There are things that I dreamed to do before but time restricted me. Now with my new adopted life I can do those things. To sum it all up I’m having the best times of my life now earning bucks while staying at home and enjoying more time with my family. There’s one disadvantage though on the other side of it as when an office friend saw me after almost 2 months she was surprised at how I gained weight. Yes staying at home without too much exercise can make you overweight.

Actually I didn’t expected it as I didn’t noticed that I gained that much. Oh well trust them who didn’t see you for a long time because they’re more likely to say the truth. They can see the difference much better than the people who see you everyday. I’m asking myself now if I really need to get serious in my diet plan and search for the best weight loss supplements that would give me guaranteed results. I will also have to consult it with my doctor for safety precautions. I don’t want to lose weight and be unhealthy. I always want a healthy diet plan and if ever I’m going to take supplements I’ll heed my doctor’s advice.


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