Sunday, March 10, 2013

Value of Rehabilitation

I just heard some bad news about some teenagers caught in a drug session activity without the knowledge of their parents. I learned that their parents are not that strict with their children’s curfew and whereabouts. I really think that there should be a more strict rules in keeping up with curfew time with the teens and adults. Here in our town teens should be at their homes at 10 in the evening or barangay watchmen would pick them up and question them.

Actually the rules should be applied not only in the community but in their homes as well. If parents would think about proper discipline and upbringing they should make rules inside the house like curfew hours, visiting hours and the likes. If teens would stay longer outside their homes they’re more prone to vices, drugs and temptations. 

Now if one of them or your friends got involved in drug-related vices better give them to rehabilitation centers like long beach rehab to help in the treatment and healing until they’re back to normal. No one should be left untreated because drug dependent people tend to harm people and commit crimes that you wouldn’t think possible. It’s because drugs tend to give their minds hallucination and bad thoughts. If they would not be treated and rehabilitated properly their life would be a waste. They should be given a chance to live a normal life again.


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