Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Mom’s Special Love

Mothers are superwomen for me as they love and care endlessly from the moment their children were born up to when they have their own families. As they always say mother’s love is unselfish and pure. My own Mom cares for us deeply even until now that she’s too old to do simple chores. Even when at time she’s difficult to understand I still love her so. I know that many would also claim that they love their mothers but few can really express it with actions. 

They should be given special treatment and attention not just on Mother’s Day but every day of the year as expressing our love should not be occasional only. Anyway for those who really want to make their Mom feel special there are many gift ideas that they can choose on malls and online shops like A flower, simple accessories, cake or even a watch or ring will be such a nice gift for someone who loves their kids more than themselves. My own Mom loves flowers and definitely she should have beautiful flowers not just on Mother’s Day but on other days too.


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Remembering Josh on His First Grade

Josh is graduating from primary and I keep on remembering how he started his first grade. He was so na├»ve and very excited in entering a big school thinking that he could do everything he dreamed of in his new stage of life. From his first flag ceremony up to ending of classes in the afternoon he always finds some joy in every activity he joins. He’s such a happy schooler and very competitive too as he tops the class that makes him qualifies to join the cream section which was not given to him when I first enrolled him because he was only a transfer student. They only get students from their preparatory class to join the cream section in first grade. 

Well it’s easy for Josh to elevate himself when he wants to like when he told me that he wants to learn how to play drum set in the 2nd grade in one summer workshop. He also enrolled in keyboard class when he was in 4th grade and continued his instrument playing up to now. It runs in the blood as they say because my grandpa used to play alpha and guitar in the past. Flair for music is even fun now because you can check online for the things you want like or any other accessories for your instruments. This is one thing that I like about modern technology.


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Keeping a Professional Image

Sometimes it can be easy to forget how much appearance matters to people who are meeting you. Presentation is particularly important in a professional setting. People often judge your skills and abilities based on how well you present yourself. Maintaining a clean appearance is essential. There are several ways to keep a professional appearance. 

Be Prepared
When you leave your home, be prepared for accidents or spills that may occur throughout the day. Carrying a small package of tissues or a pen that removes stains can help you if you spill your coffee or have a mishap. A lint roller can help you remove stray hairs and lint from your sweater. Take a minute to rub a lint roller across the back of your sweater or coat before you leave for the day. This will prevent people from getting an impression that you are untidy or disorganized. 

Dress Appropriately
Be sure to carefully choose your clothes for each occasion. If you are working in a business setting, then adding a blazer to a shirt can enhance your appearance. Be mindful of clothes that have faded or no longer look their best.

If you are in a medical setting, then make sure your scrubs are clean. Patients will be more confident in healthcare professionals who have a clean appearance. Having appropriate attire in a medical setting also offers protection from hazards you may encounter during your time at work. Some wardrobe options, such as dickies lab coats, offer long sleeves that can prevent exposure to lab samples and other substances. 

Choosing Accessories
Choosing pieces to accessorize your outfit is also an important part of your image. The people who work with you can probably provide you with guidance on what types of accessories are appropriate. For example, you may want to choose more subtle pieces that do not detract from your professionalism.

While your experience and skills are integral parts of your abilities to do your job, appearance will always be an important factor. Remember to show confidence when meeting new people, and to control your facial expressions throughout meetings. With a professional appearance and pleasant mannerisms, the ladder of success will be easier to climb.


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Shopping for Unique Home and Office Decor Online

African Americans artwork is unique in its elegance and design. It expresses the emotion and story behind the culture. It also utilizes colors and designs not found in any other kind of artwork. When you want to add such works of art to your collection, you can click here and find some of the newest creations on the market. You can shop for paintings, home decorations, and much more on the website.

Paintings and Posters

If you want to fill up wall space at home or in your office, you may decide to buy posters and paintings. The paintings and posters for sale online are large enough to hang noticeably in any room. They also feature designs that depict jazz music, models, and other expressions that relate to the culture.

They include colors that range from black and brown to subdued varieties of pink and purple. You can mix or match the posters to create a unique display in any room of your home or workplace.

The works of art are also on par with what most art buyers today want to spend. They are budget friendly so that you can choose as many wall hangings as you would like without breaking your budget. The prices and the dimensions for each work of art can be found listed right under the painting or poster for sale online.

Other Decorative Pieces

Along with paintings and posters, you may want other pieces like pillows, mugs, and figurines to fill spaces in your home or office. You can find pieces that match the wall hangings when you shop on the same website.

These pieces range from throw pillows that you can use on your bed or living room furniture like the sofa or love seat. You can also find coffee mugs that you can use in your kitchen or to entertain guests to your office.

Figurines that depict various scenes related to the African American culture are also for sale. The pieces complement other works of art that are available on the website.

African American artwork is unique in its appearance, story, and design. You can add such works of art to your own home or workplace by shopping on the website. You can check out the artwork's creative story and also its pricing by clicking on the pictures of each selection available on the site.


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