Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trying Out New Recipes and Restaurants

If there’s one thing that satisfies me that’s cooking and I think it’s already in my blood and veins. No matter how busy I am or how hectic my schedule is I always make it my pleasure to cook for my family. I’m an experimental cook which means that I don’t cook according to book because I always put something of my original spices and style in what I’m cooking. I’m also a very economical cook that I always find a way when the needed ingredients are no longer available or too expensive to buy. Cooking is a wide field of people trying to put their heart into what they’re doing. I always believe that it’s already in my heart ever since I was young.

I was born into a family of musicians and cooks. My grandparents on both sides were the community cook whenever there’s a wedding or feast. They even made some money out of cooking. Even though I wasn’t trained by them as they died when I was a child I grew up in a home where cooking binds the family. My Mom used to bake our birthday cakes and cooks very well too. Now that she’s not that strong to cook her always gives me some tips on cooking.

I’m trying out chicken and pork dishes in a baked-style cooking as per request of hubby and my kids. Though it took me more time than cooking it the traditional way it brings me happiness that I can make them happier by preparing extra ordinary meals. I’m now into experimenting various style in cooking spare ribs and trying out some nice sauces. But for those who really have no time to cook you can treat your family once in a while in nice restaurant that serve impeccable dishes and I’m sure they’ll be happy dining out somewhere for a change.

I happened to have a chat with one of my former officemate now living in Manhattan and we’ve been talking about good old days when we hop around restaurant in Libis for some good fine dinner. I told her to check out Rosie O'Grady's, one of the leading Restaurants In Midtown Manhattan where they serve the finest steak and seafoods. Tourists frequent the place as they’re just about the area near Times Square, Rockefeller Center and a walking distance to major museums. It was a nice location and superb foods so there’s no stopping my friend now. She’s a real fanatic of fine dining restaurant especially upon looking at their menu like this one : The Prix Fixe Lunch Menu.


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