Saturday, October 20, 2012

Unsafe Terminal Beside Mall Construction

I was on a long line last night for a ride back home after office work when I saw that nearby construction in the mall is just few meters above our heads. I really think that it’s risky transferring the taxi and fx terminal where construction is ongoing. While I was waiting for my turn I never took my eye off the forklift so I can prepare myself if anything went underway. The huge forklift continues to move despite the presence of hundreds of commuters lining up just few meters away. 

Well anyway why would they stop if they know better if it’s hazardous or not. I just promised myself to be careful and always alert for any wrong movement. I was thinking that mall construction is really a big job as unlike my brother’s residential projects which only requires small machines and equipment like gantry crane which resembles the function of fork lift. This one is for picking up small load with a hoist.


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