Thursday, November 25, 2010

Proper Skin Care is Needed

My girls sometimes ask me if they’re going to have the usual face problems their classmates are going through especially my eldest daughter because she’s a teenager now. I told her that having acne results from dirt, too much oil and sometimes genes. My cousin suffered severe acne when she was young and no amount of visits to doctor can stop the acne from bursting into her face. It was the worst dilemma she had encountered in her adolescence days that she really search for acne scar creams so it will not leave a permanent mark on her face when she gets older.

I’m relieved that my Dad and Mom are free from acne since their teenage years which made me believe that it’s not in our genes and if ever we had one or two acne in our adolescence period it was just a result of stress, eating oily foods and late nights. I’ve told my daughters that proper hygiene and skin care are two of main factors to help prevent skin problems in the future.


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