Saturday, April 27, 2013

Benefits of Name Labels on Your Kids

I have three kids and throughout their first schooling years I did a lot of techniques on how to keep their things in order and intact. In the kid’s first years of going to school they don’t know how to keep their things all to themselves because their attention is devoted to their first teacher, their new school friends and on the new activities they are being introduced to. I’ve watched how my kids dealt with their first days and weeks in school and I saw how excited they were in learning new experiences. 

Anyway I know how Moms like me are concern with their kids’ belongings like pencils, pencil case, lunch box, crayons and other things that they bring to school. It’s a common thing for these young school kids to miss their crayons or pencils when their things fall on the ground and they didn’t notice them. How many times that my youngest son would go home without his pencils which has become a common occurrence for us. 

With all these problems with missing school things I’ve learned to solve it by making a distinctive mark that will help my kids identify their own thing when mixed with other things of their classmates. Making name labels for kids seem to be the only solution for this problem because it paves the way for others to identify your things and when found by others they will know where and whom they will return it. It will save you money too because all your kid’s belongings will just come back everytime they lost it. 

Every year I made it a point to make not just ordinary name labels for my kids but distinctive ones also. I make beautiful name labels with some pictures or images also on some of their things except for the books and notebooks which has a standard pattern requested by the teachers. In doing these labels you’ll be spared from worrying about lost items and will teach our kids also on how they will be able to protect their things and look for them when they’ve lost it. They will just look for their name labels attached on the items and they will be able to identify it fast and easy.


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