Monday, May 2, 2011

Blessings of Work

It’s my first day of working full time in office again after almost two years of working at home and doing online writing. My family gave me their consent on my decision to work full time and I’m looking forward to new challenges. We actually discussed the pros and cons and happily agreed on one main point that it’s fine to try to get back to corporate office. I’m doing administrative works, working with the accounting officer and overseeing some other things in the office. We’re just starting up so everything can be done by few staff only, things like inventory of office supply, starting on completing all necessary office forms, finishing registration with government entities, premiums of office staff, bookkeeping, payables, payroll and a lot more. 

These are small things that need to be done but require few hours only. I remember doing these things several years back when the other company of my employer started its operations. I was with him since he made a draft of its company logo up to when it flourished. Many things happened and I found myself longing to give my family more quality time. I decided to resign and concentrate on earning my living through paid blogging. It gave my family a good life and until now that I decided to return to my career I will never stop writing for my blogs. It’s one blessing from God that supported my family for four years now and will serve as my fall back in the years to come.


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