Monday, May 10, 2010

2010 Election - Voted for My Best Candidates

I got tired from waiting in line just to cast my vote in the morning. Some got impatient and went home to come back in the afternoon. Well for me I will not leave the place without casting my vote for my best candidates. I did choose for the best because it means the future of my kids and all other people in my country. It’s always been my principle to vote for the candidate which I think would do best and not for any other reason. Even if it took me about two hours to wait for my turn to vote I waited with patience.

I noticed that everyone seems to have developed patience as they didn’t complained except for one who commented that she should have the best acne treatments after the waiting hours because her face was itching with dust, exposed to heat and perspiring heavily. We laughed at the comment because she’s smiling too and seems to be just breaking the tiring moments. DH is so thoughtful about bringing us refreshing drinks every now and then while we were waiting. I was with DH and my sister and when DH was finished with his ballot he went ahead of us to go to work though he knows he’s late already. His work will start at 12noon and it's past 11am already. Anyway I just had a nice experience with using the new automated machine and I feel great seeing the ‘congratulations’ remarks on the machine when I feed my ballot. I just hope that the automated machines will work perfectly upon counting and transmission of results.


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