Monday, September 4, 2023

Games That Simulates My Dream Store

People grow old but there’s always a part of us that never grows old especially if you feel young at heart and you have hobbies that will make you really active and energetic. Life is fun if you have the ability to see the bright sides of living and make it meaningful and worthy. Living life to the fullest is one of my friend’s goals in life and her idea of enjoying life in its fullest version is traveling to many wonderful places in the world. It gives her too much happiness and excitement when she travels and experiences various cultures and traditions. Indeed, she has travelled Asia, Australia and plans to travel more. 

We all have our own idea of making ourselves happy and contented in our life. Some are happy just being in the rural areas where they enjoy the quiet and peaceful countryside free from the hustles and bustles of the active urban life. Others can’t live without the bright lights and modern amenities of the city with great amusements, tall buildings, lush restaurants and working in big corporate places. People are different in more ways than one and as long as they’re happy with what they have it doesn’t matter what they have and where they are. 

For me having a nice happy family, enough resources to live by and centering my life in the center of God’s life is the best that I could dream of. We enjoy simple things in life and enjoying God’s bountiful blessings. When we’re together we sing, we play, and we talk about our work, hobbies and just enjoy being together. We love playing games when we’re all free from school and work. 

Age doesn’t matter when it comes to playing games, young and old like looking for new games to enjoy especially those games that resemble real life scenario like what I’ve found just recently. Most of the times I’m browsing shops to buy things and sites for movies or for online games. I’m still a child at heart and I just love playing games with my kids. I discovered Tap Supermarket, a grocery store model game where you manage a store, stocking products, checking out customers and expanding your profits. The game really excites me because it simulates my idea of my own dream supermarket.

I’m planning to put up my own store and when I play it I feel like it’s really having my own store to manage like restocking products on displays and stock room to replenish the decreasing stocks of the store. Even if it’s only a game I feel some rush in replenishing stocks and when the customers line up at the checkout line in cashier I tried to click faster to catch up all of them. I even expanded my inventory and bought more products. It really feels like I own a real store and enjoyed playing this supermarket game. I even shared my score here.

I shared this money games to some of the kids in our community and they’ve found their own kind of games. The small kids in our neighborhood who loves pet tried playing the Idle Pet Business game, a game where you operate a pet store. They love it when upon earning income from selling their pet hamster they were able to unlock the pets one by one, first the cats, then dogs, rabbits and parrots. They love buying upgrades because they were able to lower production time, collect earning and gain more profits. It’s cute and fun especially when they shared it on social media. 

Well we’ve found more games about building bridges, selling chocolates and pizzas, web tycoon simulator, sort the trash, idle mining empire and a lot more. Games are really exciting and not just for kids but for the oldies as well, it’s a refreshing resort to relieve your stress and tiredness from everyday work. I feel young again. Try it too.


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