Monday, May 11, 2009

:Today's Flowers #39

Most people can recognize this flower in an instant, this is the neighborhood's Santan which can be seen on almost all places here in the Philippines.

Ixora coccinea or commonly called Santan was said and known to have many uses; the flowers can be used for dysentery and leucoorhea, its decoction can be a remedy for hypertension and menstrual problems. Leaves are very useful for sprains, boils and eczema, its'decoction is good for wounds and skin ulcers. Even the roots are very useful for diarrhea or mouthwash for sore throat. According to studies this flower is a good antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and helps to heal wounds.

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Childhood in the Province

I’ve always loved reminiscing my childhood in our hometown in Laguna. I could still remember the scent of the grass as my brother and I play different kind of jumping and tumbling games. The excitement and happiness of being able to climb and relax in the guava tree will never be forgotten by the years that gone by. All those years of staying in our province are the most precious ones and define most of my childhood days before we moved to my father’s town in Rizal.

The difference of living in rural and urban is that you’ll be surrounded with God’s wonderful creations when you’re in the province. You’ll see mountains, river, never ending fruit trees and animals too. You’ll experience riding on the back of the carabao or horse. Farmers are good riders, just don’t know if they’re using some equestrian apparel or equipment. For me my experience of horse riding is when my uncle put me and my brother on each side of the horse where he put a big basket for us to sit. I still smile when I remember those days.

Living near the city won’t allow such privileges but it has its own advantages as jobs are easier to find here. If you’re not into agricultural field you’ll have a hard time finding a niche there especially if your job is inclined into technology or business. I still prefer living in our place but I’m dreaming of establishing some small business in our hometown so I could be there even on weekends only. Wishes!


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