Monday, August 10, 2015

What Do Veterans Need the Most?

Military personnel fight for your rights, and when they return home, they are people who have witnessed many horrors. Most veterans want to come home to an ordinary life. Veterans have gained a lot of skills during their service that can be applied at home. According to Bob Parsons, the transformation to civilian life is not easy, because combat experienced has changed them forever. However, there are organizations doing a lot to help veterans, and there are also some things the individual citizen can do.

Volunteer Transportation

Many veterans need regular medical care for the rest of their lives. Often, they have no way to get to the medical facilities by themselves. Individuals can volunteer to drive a van or other vehicle to give them the transportation they desperately need.

Frequent Flier Miles

When veterans are being treated in a veteran medical facility, donated frequent flyer miles will allow family members to be close to their loved-one during treatment for injury or disease. If you are accumulating frequent flyer miles, you can donate them to organizations that will use them for this purpose. These organizations may also receive household items, to help veteran’s families.

Holiday Cards

There are certain organizations that sell holiday cards and donate the proceeds to veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In some cases, the proceeds also go to programs in which dogs are trained as companions for veterans with PTSD.

Build a Home

Some veterans come home with severe injuries and require homes that are outfitted for physical disabilities. You can donate money, or volunteer to help renovate old homes or build new ones at no cost to the veteran.

Help the Homeless

Unfortunately, there are veterans who come back and have no place to go. They are often found as homeless people on the streets and require food, shelter, clothing and medical attention. You can help by contacting the Veterans Administration and inform them about a vet who is at risk of being homeless or about a homeless vet you have seen on the street.

Send a Package

Packages are regularly sent to active military troops as well as veterans. Your donation pays for a package. If giving a donation is difficult, you can participate in a letter-writing program where you hand write a letter of gratitude to a veteran or active military person for defending and protecting your freedoms.

If veterans get a decent chance to work, stay healthy and have a home and clothing, there is much less chance they will end up in jail. When they don’t have any help or options, they may turn to crime and drugs. Every citizen can do something to help veterans have a better life when they return home.


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