Saturday, March 5, 2011

PH 255: Self Portrait

It's seldom that I post my pic here, it's always my kids.  I'm always behind the camera following my kids and taking snapshots of them.  This was taken during our December camp meeting in Prayer Garden in Antipolo.  The exact spot is where they saw a big man at the top of the tree  smoking cigar so when my sister and I decided to take each other solo pics I told the invisible (during daytime) man that we're just there to take picture of their beautiful place.  Scary? Not so. Just always remember to say peace and mutter a prayer when you're in new place especially on serene and silent places like this one.

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Accessories for the Girls

My cousin friend dropped by the house and asked about how we’re doing. We haven’t seen each other for two months and we’ve talked about lots of things. She also has two daughters like me and we shared experiences on how we’re coping up with their first years of adolescence period. Having growing up girls is not that easy as you’re balancing things up with them. You can’t be too hard or too soft on them as they will be either dependent or rebellious. 

Anyway we also noted that we’ll be visiting our favorite accessory store again when we’re not so busy to buy nice little keepsakes for our girls like the bella bracelet I’ve seen online just now. Every time I see nice things for girls I always think of my own and promised myself that I would set one day for our date alone. It would be nice to bond with just the three of us Ruth, Gen and me.


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