Sunday, September 20, 2009

Relaxing Garden Ponds!

I sometimes want to be outside the confines of my working room especially when I’m pondering or something. The environment always helps me on thinking creative ideas for my sites. I remember the garden near my former office where at the center of the whole area lays a nice pond with water lilies and some other water-inhabitant flowers all around it.

Just a glance and look at the pond makes me feel somehow relaxed and stressed-free just like the one I saw in Tagaytay during our camp meeting fellowship. It’s located inside a semi-mansion house we’re renting and it’s a nice welcome view for visitors even though it’s just a small pond. Being just a petite garden pond it’s very well maintained and I know they’re using just the normal small pond pumps which is very quick to install and operation is very easy. It’s not extra beautiful or special but I just want it for my own house because it has a cooling and relaxing effect on me.


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