Saturday, February 19, 2011

Our Little Visitor

We were happy at the surprise visit of our little darling Iya. I used to take care of her when she's a baby until 8 months old then they moved to Antipolo so her Granny and Grampy can look after her while my niece Heidi start applying for an item in public school.  

They also have their own house there because an Auntie living abroad wants them to live and take care of her house.  The house is beside their parents' house so the situation is really perfect for them.  Still I terribly miss Iya and I'm happy that they're here almost weekly.  My kids love her also and they actually wait for her on weekends. As young as they are my two girls are Iya's godmothers.


Feeling Sleepy on a Hot Afternoon

It must be the weather that keeps me feeling very sleepy after lunch time. Summer is getting near and days are getting windy and quite hot. I’m just glad that nights are cooler because that would deprive me of good night sleep. In this kind of weather it’s nice to laze around, read and enjoy the afternoon breeze. I don’t need to read about lunesta review as I don’t have trouble falling asleep, it’s the opposite I guess. 

Several years ago I had an insomnia which I incurred on my previous job. I had a job that required us to stay overnights for days which ruined my sleeping habit and schedule. After that job I experienced problems in falling asleep at night and when the morning comes I feel sleepy. Glad that I’m fully recovered now and having regular hours of sleep.


Little Boy's Practice in School

I thought I will be able to wake up early as DH already finished his ROTC but the little boy has his practice for their field demo.  DH went out early to look for red metallic foil that they will need for the practice.  He then brought it to the little boy's school to submit.  I was glad that after 3 hours Josh arrived home and we began arranging things in the house.  We always do that on weekends and it's also a kind of training for the kids.  We let them tidy their own cabinets and clean their bags except for the little boy who needs help with his big bag. 

We had an early lunch and after that we let them play in PC for scheduled hours.  We want them to enjoy weekends but we don't let them decide how many hours will they be playing because they will form a habit and that will not do them good.  They should know that playing online games has restrictions and schedules.  They should also learn to play other games outside the computer. 


All Natural Diet Meals

It took me this month only to start eating healthy meals again. I bought food I will need for my diet and started planning a separate meal recipe for myself. It’s all natural like fish, tofu, veggies, oats and fruits. I didn’t buy extra ordinary foods because I plan to do a simple diet regimen. I will just lower my carbo intake and try to eliminate fats and sweets. 

I know that for now I will not need vitamins for weight loss because all my meals are healthy and all-natural. This way I don’t have to spend extra money for my program and still carry my plans. I’m also into my 3rd week of workout and I know it will be of great help to me. I just have to discipline myself on following my plans.


Endurance Supplement

I’m following a site for aerobics, cardio and some other kind of exercise since I started working out. I love the steps and workout they’re doing and it makes stronger than before. It’s actually a gospel aerobics that they’re doing coupled with some other kinds like exercise for the arms, legs, for the heart and for flexibility and strength. The trainor himself is in the 50’s and he’s still very strong and active. I wonder if he’s taking force factor because some fitness instructors uses some of it to improve stamina and strength. It can also be a good supplement for muscle growth. On second thought I think the site’s trainor has natural endurance and strength in him that he doesn’t need any supplement for now. Maybe after several years!


Memories of Fire Disaster

I heard sirens from several fire trucks in the road heading to the area on fire. It’s very near to my friend’s compound where they have an internet cafe and she told me the exact location of the fire. It’s one of the things that I fear because of my experience when I was in high school. That fire razed almost half of the barangay and hit my relatives’ compound. They lived in our house for several years before they constructed a new house again.

Well seeing fire trucks always brings back memories and I almost forgot to listen to what my friend is saying about her research task about natural male enhancement pills. She’s asking me to help her but I forgot it completely when I heard about the fire. Hope the fire would stop now as I’ve seen more fire trucks are coming their way.


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