Saturday, February 19, 2011

Little Boy's Practice in School

I thought I will be able to wake up early as DH already finished his ROTC but the little boy has his practice for their field demo.  DH went out early to look for red metallic foil that they will need for the practice.  He then brought it to the little boy's school to submit.  I was glad that after 3 hours Josh arrived home and we began arranging things in the house.  We always do that on weekends and it's also a kind of training for the kids.  We let them tidy their own cabinets and clean their bags except for the little boy who needs help with his big bag. 

We had an early lunch and after that we let them play in PC for scheduled hours.  We want them to enjoy weekends but we don't let them decide how many hours will they be playing because they will form a habit and that will not do them good.  They should know that playing online games has restrictions and schedules.  They should also learn to play other games outside the computer. 


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