Saturday, February 19, 2011

Feeling Sleepy on a Hot Afternoon

It must be the weather that keeps me feeling very sleepy after lunch time. Summer is getting near and days are getting windy and quite hot. I’m just glad that nights are cooler because that would deprive me of good night sleep. In this kind of weather it’s nice to laze around, read and enjoy the afternoon breeze. I don’t need to read about lunesta review as I don’t have trouble falling asleep, it’s the opposite I guess. 

Several years ago I had an insomnia which I incurred on my previous job. I had a job that required us to stay overnights for days which ruined my sleeping habit and schedule. After that job I experienced problems in falling asleep at night and when the morning comes I feel sleepy. Glad that I’m fully recovered now and having regular hours of sleep.


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