Monday, January 28, 2013

Time for all the Things I Want

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Just having real serious thoughts about my life, my work and all the things I want to do.  Maybe when you come to your 40s you really think about doing what you love most.  When I retired (that's what I thought) in 2009 to look after my kids and Mom I also concentrate on being a full-time blogger.  Since writing and blogging are two of the things I love doing it's so perfect to do it while taking care of my family. I did for two years before I was offered to come back to corporate work and my life changed again.

Returning to work after tasting the life of work at home Mom wasn't easy at all.  I must admit I miss the office world because I've worked for 19 years before I retired.  I missed rushing to office, talking to clients, answering emails, administering office tasks, doing human resource job, making proposals and the likes.  I was used to multi-tasking and experienced being in personnel, accounting, billing and technical departments. I also miss being with my colleagues and easily made friends again. 

But now realities are setting in again.  I could see my Mom getting older and finding the need of a companion in the house.  I'm not the same person who love office work too much that I can stay not just over time but over night as well.  I've changed and my thoughts easily wanders from office back to home  and what I should be doing than working in the office.

Suddenly I feel the urge to read more books, to have more time with my Mom when the kids are in school and she's alone in the house, to cook more, to be professional in baking and most of all to write more of my thoughts.  I pray to God that He'll give me signs and providence so I can leave the corporate world again for the second time....and hopefully for the last time. I know He will...I have faith He will.


Shopping for Little Gifts

It’s fun shopping for the things you want not only for yourself but for others as well. I know the feeling because I love shopping for my family and friends. I’m just a little pressured when my time isn’t enough to choose the perfect gift. It takes me a long time to walk around the mall stores to look for my gifts and at times I really don’t have time. 

This is the reason why I started to learn and to love shopping online. It’s not only convenient but more affordable because you get to search and compare the things you want to buy before you purchase it. It’s easier to compare and look for the sites that offer better deals and discounts. Oh how I love to visit my favorite gadgets store as it always updates its site with the latest technology stuff I love with a competitive price I cannot find on offline stores. 

Now I found another site for little gifts and gags which offers unique, fun and novel products from baby things to tech toys and a lot more. Spencers offers home & dorm which includes lava lamps, collectible figures, glassware, technical stuff and other home accessories. It also provides things for fun and games like books, games and puzzles, birthday, humor and a lot more fun things. It has other products like things to wear, accessories, jewelry and gifts. I particularly liked the foam fountain optical illusion and water show speakers which are amazingly beautiful.


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