Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dressing Up When You’re Big

It’s always hard for women with bigger sizes to choose their clothing especially on special occasions when they need to dress up with a lot of effort. Most of these women undergone childbirth and was not able to return to their old slim bodies. I myself have added a lot of inches on my thighs and waist and through the years of married life and childbirth have succumbed to my new bigger size. Well for me it’s not that hard because I can still get my desired clothing with a size fit to my body but for others they need to get customized clothing just to fit it their dresses. 

My friend who just gave birth via caesarean delivery finds it hard to find suitable swimwear because of her newly reformed big body. She was happy to learn that there are bathing suits for plus size which will give her a good fit and decent enough for a Mom like her. It’s important that women should dress properly according to her age and status in life. You can still look fashionable without being too sexy. You just have to choose the right color, best fit and style that will enhance your best features and match up with your age as well. Dressing should be done with some consideration and not just wearing what you think is beautiful.


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