Friday, February 14, 2014

Favorable Qualities in a Church Pastor

Most people who are searching for a new church want to make sure that the pastor of the church is someone they will want to get to know. Consequently, there are many favorable qualities that people look for in a church's pastor. For instance, many people want a pastor with a great amount of faith. They want to learn from someone who is fully dedicated to his or her faith. In fact, there are people who become members of a church because the pastor is clearly someone who wants to share his or her faith journey. Here are some other personal qualities that many people look for in a church pastor. 

The quality of being plain-spoken is something that many people look for in a new pastor. They want to be able to easily understand what the pastor is trying to convey during sermons. They want a simple interpretation of the books of the Bible. After all, if they find something difficult to comprehend, they are less likely to remember the point that the pastor was trying to make. Ideally, a pastor will try to make his or her message accessible to everyone. 

There are lots of people who search for a church with a pastor who is caring. He or she takes the time to talk with everyone who attends the church, even if they are not members. This goes for both the adult members of the congregation as well as the children. If a person wants to meet with the pastor, he or she makes time to talk with the person. A caring pastor is not in it for the status of being the head of a church. He or she genuinely wants to help as many people in need as possible. 

A pastor who is enthusiastic about the Bible and faith is also a very desirable thing to many people who are searching for a new church. If a pastor is enthusiastic, he or she truly believes in the work of helping people strengthen or develop their faith. A pastor's enthusiasm can be contagious to people in the congregation who are searching for answers to their basic questions about life. Ed Young Jr is an example of a pastor who preaches in a well-known church. 

People want an honest pastor. The person is honest in all of his or her dealings inside and outside of the church. This quality prompts people visiting the church as well as its members to trust the pastor. This is very important especially when a pastor is asked to help an individual or a couple through a very delicate problem. An honest pastor serves as a wonderful role model to everyone in the congregation. 

Finally, lots of people look for a warm, friendly pastor. A person visiting a church may not come back if he or she doesn't get a personal welcome from the pastor along with an invitation to come back. Everyone wants to feel welcome in a place they are unfamiliar with. A warm welcome and an invitation to return goes a long way with a person who is looking for a new church to attend. In addition, the visitor is likely to recommend the church to a friend or family member as a result of the kindliness of its pastor.


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