Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Looking for the Most Comfortable Mattress

I woke up feeling good today as I had a complete 8-hour sleep, a rest from a 3-day overtime work in my online tasks. I’ve been feeling a bit tired and restless from continuous late sleep that my husband asked me if I could at least give myself a rest from all of it. Since I’m not really feeling well from coughs, colds and late nights I gave in, left my online tasks yesterday night and sleep early. I was thinking that even if I’m having a good healthy meal diet plan if I could not follow doctor’s advice to exercise and discipline my sleeping habits my healthy plan would not be as effective. No problem with the exercise as I’m walking for a minimum of 30 minutes in the morning and afternoon so I just have to get 6-8 hours of sleep regularly.

People like me should always go back to basics in life that in order to be healthy you should have the three important things namely well-balanced meals, regular exercise and complete sleeping hours. If we could just follow it religiously we will not be sick. Lately even if I prepare myself early to go to sleep I was having difficulties with my back as I’m experiencing severe back pains and I think our mattress is not that much help to me. I’ve been reading and browsing about the kind of beds that could help me with my problem. I came upon different brands like  Tempurpedic which promises a lot in warranty and premium prices but I also found other brand which provides lifetime year warranty. It also offers comfort, support and temperature control while you sleep which is what I need to help me with my back pain. 

 The secret to getting the best sleep is not just a peaceful mind but in the mattress that you use as well. It’s an important factor and if could make you healthier you should really search for the best foam that could make you comfortable and customized to your specific needs. Glad that there are some deals that I found for my needs including Tempurpedic mattress sale and that of Bragada which offers great savings when you purchase mattress foam and also gives out free memory foam pillows and shipping. I really should decide what to buy and I’m hoping that my budget would allow me to buy not just the best quality mattress but the most affordable as well.


Difficulty in Getting a Ride Home

Lately I’m having a hard time getting a ride from my office to home. Every day I would walk to the nearest mall and wait for FX that would take me directly to our home. Most often I would wait in line for 30 minutes to one hour to be able to get in the said vehicle which made me very tired and exhausted. The later it is the longer you wait for the vehicle, when I’m early I get a chance to be in line only for few minutes. 

This is the reason why lately I was very lazy in entering the mall and supermarket for my groceries because that would mean waiting in line longer. When I can’t help dropping by the mall’s supermarket I see to it that I do it in the fastest time possible. I’m just glad that barcode scanners are present in almost all stores now that they can easily scan the code in the products we usually buy.It’s the surest and easiest way of scanning the product’s price so paying for your purchases is not that long anymore.


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