Monday, September 20, 2010

Knowing the Right Investment

We went shopping for foods and other essentials last week and I was really surprised with the fast paced increase in prices. All basic commodities are the ones that incur high percentage of increase. This is just bad as salaries of employees and workers continue to be that small. I’m not surprised why there are many applications now for loans and credits. It’s because their wages are not enough to support their family’s needs. I told my friends in my previous job that they should have investment so they can have other sources when things get rough. There are many fields of business where you can place your money. You can buy gold coin or other precious metals because they were tangible investment. They can try small-scale business, realty business or any other investment but it should be what you really want to do in life.


:Today's Flowers #111/Ruby Tuesday: Vietnam Rose

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This is my take for this week's Today's Flowers and Ruby Tuesday.  This was taken in the village where my MIL lives.  We had a weekend vacation there and rounded up the village for a morning exercise.  When I noticed these petite blooms outside the gate of one house the owner suddenly came out and talked to us.  I thought she didn't want strangers but on the contrary asked me if I want to get some blooms so I can grow them also.  What a sweet neighbor.  She then asked us who is our relative in the village but guessing as she ask us confirming her guess because she said my husband had the same deep set eyes and Indian looks :-)

Now we also have the same blooms in our garden but I want to go back there to get some more lavender and pink blooms.  There are variety of vietnam rose colors like red, yellow, pink, lavender and red orange. 

Happy Monday! To see more lovely flower entries for today's flowers and red  themed photos at Ruby Tuesday click the badges!


She's Out of Danger

I'm so glad that Ruth's fever has finally dropped down and she's free from the danger of dengue fever. She got sick last Thursday after school and we had her CBC and platelet Count tested at the laboratory yesterday. It was a weekend that sent DH, Ruth and I to the municipality hospital and was surprised to find the hospital full of patients. I learned also that the prevailing sickness these days are broncho pneumonia and dengue. Ruth's lab tests are good and her rashes and fever were all due to viral infection. Now she's just recuperating and I hope she'll make it tomorrow to school. I'll let her rest today.


Want to Try Gold Investment?

My school friend has a lot of things to talk about. She told me that one of these days she’ll drop by so we can have unlimited time together. We’ve been separated for several years around two decades if I can remember it right. She’s resentful that she wasn’t successful in pursuing a career pertaining to our course. Actually she may not make it to our field but she’s successful in her own chosen work. She’s become a business woman managing brokerage, travel agency, employment agency and many other businesses that take her fancy. She’s into investments also and I told her if she wants to try investing on gold coins. She’s not familiar with it but she love collecting gold jewelries. I told her to visit United States Gold Bureau sites where she can look and choose from among their offered gold coins. She can have it deposited to a bank secured deposit for safe and secured investment.


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