Monday, July 15, 2013

Loves to Be Home Every Weekend

My nephew who is also Josh’ classmate in his fourth grade class has been showing interest in joining the taekwondo class. I was surprised actually because last year he enrolled in a special class of playing violin. My brother brought him two violins, one for his home use and the other one is for his school learning. They were trained for real and at some occasions in school program activities they were asked to play a piece. Well they were also informed of the difference of their regular violin to electric violin but for the school music course they were only allowed to use the manual kind. 

The training is done every weekend and they pay separate fees for that because their instructor is not from the same school. It’s offered in school to enhance the skills of students in whatever they’re inclined to but it’s optional. My own son Josh chose Art as his extracurricular activity and the club that he also joined in. He didn’t want to study music on Saturdays because it’s his rest day from school. He told me that he can learn it at home instead of going to school every Saturday just to play violin. This year he told me of his interest in guitar or violin but he’s not willing if it’s going to be on Saturdays again. He really loves his Weekend to spend with us.


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