Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. God keeping us safe
2. Plans moving on to our December Baguio Fellowship
3. Kids' registration to free piano and drums lessons
4. Showers of work blessings
5. Started my part-time work
6. Loving family
7. Ever dependable and doting Mom
8. My bestfriend Jen's recovery
9. Meeting Riss again
10. Hosted our Bible study tonight

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The Best Food for Baby

I have been an advocate of breastfeeding after learning all about its benefits to both mother and baby, and after having experienced it myself. It is really true that breast milk is the best food for baby. My own baby was very healthy and never got sick and I attribute all of it to breast milk. There are even studies that suggest that breastfeeding helps increase a child’s IQ.

For six months, my child was exclusively breastfed and then I continued to breastfeed until he reached two years old. It also had a lot of perks for me. It was the easiest way to feed my baby too because I did not have to bring nor sterilize any bottles. Of course, it was also so much cheaper than buying formula milk. It also helped me lose weight faster after giving birth. I know that it is the best thing I could give my baby and I cherish my whole breastfeeding experience. Everyone is capable of breastfeeding, which is why I encourage everyone, even those who have had breast augmentation, to at least try it. I know that it is something that I would choose to do again if my husband and me decide to have another baby. How can I deny my baby of the best food?

Guest Post from Aggie Aviso


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