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What You Should Know About Fire Safety in Your Place of Work

Fire keeps us warm and provides us with comfort, yet it can also be a terrifying and deadly element. Chances are good that except for your employee manual and the instance of a  fire risk assessment by your employer, you probably haven’t given much thought to what you would do should a fire break out in your place of work. Well, if your employee handbook is long gone, then you should speak up and ask around about fire safety in your workplace. Here is the essential information with which you – and all of your coworkers – should be armed. 


If you know what causes fires in your workplace, then you can stop them from happening in the first place. Office dwellers should be particularly aware of hazards, such as obstructed sprinkler heads or damaged power cords; factory or manufacturing employees, depending on their environment, will have strict safety codes, especially if they are working around heavy machinery; and even teachers should be on the look-out for students putting materials too close to heaters or the Bunsen burners in labs. 

Location of Fire Extinguishers 

You might pass by your fire extinguisher every day and not notice it, but the next time you go into work, actively search for it and dedicate its location to memory. If you can’t find one, ask your superior where it is located, and make sure, first of all, that everyone is aware, and secondly, that it is accessible to all employees. 


A calm, collected response is probably not the norm when you encounter a fire in the workplace, so it is important to be well-drilled in the proper protocol. Running around, screaming that there is a fire is most likely the gut reaction you would have, but that will cause a serious panic and could prove to be even more dangerous than the fire itself. Make sure you know your company’s policy on acting when you discover a fire (for instance, whether or not you should immediately try to put it out yourself) and how you should alert your superiors and coworkers. 

Escape Plan 

Last, but certainly not least, your workplace should have a well-laid escape plan for everyone inside the building, with at least two routes to take you safely outdoors, duties for persons in charge of specific tasks during an escape, plus places of meeting to ensure that everyone is accounted for. Further, your employer should hold regular drills to familiarize everyone with the plan.


Have You Thought of Shopping for Your Favorite Products Online?

Do you go to the store on a daily or weekly basis and it seems they are always out of your favorite items and you have to wait until the company gets a new shipment in? Have you always wanted to save hundreds of dollars but you don’t have the time to sit down and clip coupons to bring in to the department store? Then you need to check out Select Aware online because they are one of the leading coupon code websites that you can use to save hundreds of dollars. Here’s a few reasons why you should consider shopping online instead of going to your local store. 

Items Are Cheaper 

The main reason that people are shopping online for their products instead of their local department stores is because they can buy them at a cheaper price on the internet. With the country in a recession, people are trying to rebuild their retirement portfolios as quick as they can, and they can achieve this by buying products online. You will be able to use active online coupon codes and shop at your favorite retailers online instead of locally. 

Do Your Research 

If you have ever tried to find online coupons before, chances are you have given up because all the forums that you went to had expired or invalid offers. When you want to find an Ebags code to receive a discount on your total purchase, you will need to head over to and browse through their active coupon codes. You will never have to wonder if the code is expired or invalid because they are all tested and removed once they expire. This helps you to save money on your purchases and you can put all the money you would otherwise have to spend back in your savings account.


The Label Specialist

We were shopping in the stores at the mall this afternoon and my youngest kid has a lot to ask about almost everything that he’s not familiar with. My kid is always eager to know about anything that enlightens him and no one can stop him from asking what he doesn’t know. Anyways, we were buying our food at the supermarket when my kid got interested in the barcodes on the grocery items. He wanted to know the price of two of our shopped items so he scanned the barcodes to satisfy his curiosity. 

That’s one of the benefits of using bar codes on products, because through the codes you can immediately know the cost. For the cashier it’s easier to scan the items than to type in the prices one by one. It’s also more accurate because the code is pre-programmed to match a price in the system program. So it’s important that thermal transfer labels are printed in good quality to ensure that codes are printed accurately and will not wear out easily. It is also a good medium for identifying the product. 

As everything we have now in department stores and supermarkets includes labels and codes, it’s vital to have high quality ribbons and online labels for printers that will embed your specific code to products for selling. Since labels should withstand weather conditions like heat, rain, snow and ice, it’s better to use weatherproof labels to ensure that the labels will not be erased or worn out. 

Resistance against moisture and water should also be planned carefully as these are two big factors that will affect the code labels tremendously. The use of waterproof labels is highly recommended for this required specification especially when it’s for wet goods in the supermarket where chances of getting wet and soiled are high. 

So for all the things you need related to labels and labelling equipment, you can click here to visit the online label specialist Blanco, to supply you with high quality ribbons and online labels for various printers. They provide products like ink cartridges, dispensers, label rewinders, applicators and Primera printers. They also offer customized solutions for your specific needs and requirements.


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