Monday, November 9, 2009

:Today's Flowers #65

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This is quite extra ordinary as it's a creeping flower plant that grows creeping around wood or any wall that it's been set up to. It's my first time to see this kind of flower which is one of the flowers grown by Josh' school. I thought that this is an upside down flower of some sorts. I don't the name of this pretty dropped down red flower so if anyone knows the name please help me!

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Checking Out Prices!

Time is running so fast and another 6 weeks more it will be Christmas and of course days before that will be my birthday also. I need to know the price of some gadgets I want for myself and since I’m not in the mood to shop around the mall I contented myself with surfing for those things. Anyway all of them are always on the net, shopping is no problem these days as long as you have the money. Online stuff are available on many sites and I tried to find my to-buy lists on Cyber Monday Specials. Of course I want discounts and sale items, who wouldn’t? Now I have an estimated amount of all those things, next question is when to buy them.


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